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An unpleasant experience at Clear Choice

By September 6, 2012November 19th, 2020Blog

My experience was very unpleasant. After my free exam I was told by consultant that infection in my gums was so bad that I would die. And she didn’t even know why I was still alive today. But we can fix it for 52 thousand dollars. I only went there because was told they have payment plans. Sure they do for they very rich. Not for working class people. I have since my experience with clear choice been on depression meds afraid i am going to die at anytime. I left that place in tears. I would never recommend them to anyone who is not already rich.
– Ruth from Texas

Your experience was unfortunate.

We have heard a number of complaints about high pressure sales tactics at Clear Choice, and about their fees. I think that clinically, they probably do a good job.

I hope that our office staff would never insult a patient like this. And we do try to provide affordable dental implant care.

Do you have an experience at Clear Choice? You may submit your comments on our Clear Choice Reviews page. Or, if you would like a second opinion after visiting them, we would be happy to see you.

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