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Another opinion after seeing two Clear Choice dentists?

By January 24, 2014November 19th, 2020Blog, All-on-4 Dental Implants

Clear Choice has a good reputation among several of my colleagues who have received dental implants. I travel quite a bit, so I went to two different Clear Choice locations just to compare the recommendations. Both doctors recommended All-on-4 implants for me, which I prefer not to receive. In each case, when I expressed my preference, I receive a “how dare you have a different opinion” look from the dentist. I am uncomfortable. I was pleased with the service, but I am uncomfortable with All-on-4. My preference is standard implants with bone grafting. Should I trust their judgment, or seek another opinion, perhaps with a dentist who will consider mine? Thomas S.

Thomas – You are likely a good candidate for All-on-4 dental implants, but if you don’t want them, and you prefer and are a candidate for standard implants, the choice is yours.

Another opinion from an experienced implant dentist outside of Clear Choice will help you make a final decision. As you likely know, the All-on-4 process is used to eliminate the need for bone grafting. But if you prefer bone grafting and want standard implants, your preference should be respected, as long as the treatment you want will meet the needs of your case.

We don’t know where you live or work, but you can schedule a consultation with Dr. LaVacca to discuss your concerns. If you want to proceed, he will perform an exam and the necessary diagnostic studies to determine your options. Dr. LaVacca is a board-certified prosthodontist and national and international lecturer. You can have confidence in his opinion.

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