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Why can Clear Choice do same-day implants but other dentists can’t?

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I’m interested in getting 6 dental implants and now the information I received from Clear Choice has somewhat confused me about which option to choose. In May I saw 3 different prosthodontists and each of them gave me an estimate of how it much it will cost to do the work. On average it’s going to take about 4 months to finish all of the work. Of course when you’re going to make a major investment you start noticing ads and commercials about what you’re interested in. So although I’ve seen Clear Choice commercials before, after noticing a commercial 3 weeks ago I thought that maybe I should add them to my list of consultations. I went to the office and had an impressive tour, an exam, and digital x-rays. Clear Choice told me they can do the work in a day. So why the drastic difference between a day and an average of 4 months? I would like an independent answer because I’m afraid that either Clear Choice or one of the prosthodontists will try to convince me to choose them just because they want the business. Thank you. Bethany

Bethany – It’s great that you’ve had consultations with several providers. A prosthodontist is a dental specialist in restoring and replacing teeth. You made a wise choice in choosing prosthodontists for three of your consultations.

Clear Choice aggressively markets same-day implants, but their reviews from patients are mixed. Although they emphasize being able to do all of the implant procedure in one location, so can a prosthodontist.

Same-day implants include the implant procedures and temporary dental crowns. That’s the same service a prosthodontist provides. You will still have a healing period of several months before your permanent dental crowns can be placed.

Questions to Ask Clear Choice Dentists

When comparing providers—at Clear Choice and any other location—ask questions about the specific dentist who will be performing your implant surgery and preparing your dental crowns. Some of the questions are listed below:

  • Are you board certified in any areas of dentistry?
  • What training have you received in dental implants?
  • Do you participate in ongoing training?
  • On how many patients have you completed implants from start to finish?
  • How long have you been placing implants?
  • How many surgeries will be needed?
  • Do you use a surgical guide?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Will I need bone grafting?
  • Who does the restoring work (implant crowns)?
  • What is done to ensure my implant crowns look natural?
  • What precautions do you take to avoid dental implant failure?

The responses can help you choose a provider with confidence. Regardless of where you receive your implants, closely follow after-care instructions to help them heal properly.


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My Clear Choice Review Isn’t Being Posted on Yelp

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My Clear Choice review isn’t getting posted on Yelp. I had a bad experience and I’m trying to warn other people of it. I got ripped off more than $7000 from Clear Choice and I can’t get a refund. I keep calling and being transferred to voicemail. I’ve even gone into the office and was told that the billing department doesn’t take walk-ins. They are supposed to call me back, but I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks for a call. I made the mistake of giving them a huge down payment. My sister asked me to get a second opinion before I commit to Clear Choice, so I did. After getting the second opinion, which was quite different from the recommendation Clear Choice made (All on 4), I decided to put a hold on getting the work done from them. I called and let them know that I wanted to cancel everything and since that time I’ve been waiting for a refund. So I’ve been trying to post my experience on Yelp. Any time I try to post, it seems to be filtered out and doesn’t make it as a review. I checked with Yelp through email and I keep getting an automated response about how to properly submit a review. I thought you might know something about how I can get the word out to the public. Thank you. Nicolas

Nicolas – Your Clear Choice review probably is getting rejected in a spam filter. Reviews that are considered fraudulent or not useful are filtered out completely or placed at the bottom of the page. Some suggestions are below.

  1. Avoid concealing your identity on Yelp. There are several ways to do it:
  • Don’t use programs that attempt to hide your IP address.
  • Use an active and valid e-mail account.
  • Use a private Wi-Fi connection.
  1. Make it clear that you’re not a spammer. Consider linking your Yelp and Facebook accounts (if you have one). Although Yelp doesn’t reveal its algorithm for blocking posts, the fact that you’ve verified your Facebook account can give your Yelp account some validity and get your Clear Choice review posted.
  2. Provide a full review. Short comments aren’t taken seriously. Provide details of your experience to ensure your review will be given consideration.
  3. Provide reviews for other businesses. If you review other businesses, it gives evidence that you’re not out to get a single business. A number of reviews on others businesses can get your Clear Choice review posted.
  4. Ensure you’re not affiliated with the company or its competitors. Your online history and credentials are scanned to sure that you’re neither affiliated with Clear Choice nor any of its competitors. If you have such an affiliation, all of your posts can be blocked form the site.

If you want others to know about your experience, you can submit it a Clear Choice review on the reviews form on the Naperville Implant Dentist website.

Meanwhile, your state Attorney General’s office or a consumer protection attorney can review your Clear Choice contract and advise you on how to proceed with getting all or some of your money back.

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I should have listened to the Clear Choice reviews

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I want to let people know to be sure to read Clear Choice reviews for the office wherever they live. I know that all Clear Choice locations don’t have bad reviews but the one nearest me does and I should have listened. The reviews are accurate.

My experience has been horrible. I have lost $19,700 and I am left with an issue that is still unresolved. I am stressed about the amount of money it is going to cost to undo the damage. In November 2015 I decided to get implants to replace 3 decayed teeth. My dentist quoted me rates that I thought I could not afford. I had seen Clear Choice commercials before but really didn’t pay attention to them until one evening when I saw another commercial. I looked at review online and some were bad and others were good. I thought that’s normal especially for some customers who are impossible to please. I had a consultation at Clear Choice that I thought went pretty well and as expected, they asked me to pay up front. That’s what I read about in several of the reviews.

I got a loan with a moderate interest rate to make the down payment on the implants. I had the surgery but the implants are messing up my bite. Fortunately they are all on the same side of my mouth because the pressure of chewing sends pain throughout my jaw. Of course I contacted Clear Choice right away and an appointment was made. The dentist claimed he made an adjustment but I was still very uncomfortable. I gave it a week and called the office again. Another “adjustment” was made and I feel that the teeth are worse now than before. I don’t want to become obsessed with this, but I am certain that it feels worse. I called the office and didn’t get a return call back. So I went in person and after waiting about 30 minutes, someone came out to speak with me. I was offered an upgraded procedure for $8500. I am not a person who gets angry but the level of my fury was so bad that I felt like I would become violent so I left the office. I have called and asked to speak with my dentist, but he is always busy and I haven’t received a return call. Before I hire an attorney I wanted to contact a reputable implant office to find out how to handle this. Thank you.  – Dallas

Dallas – We are sorry to hear about the discomfort you are having with your implants and the difficulty getting a resolution. We suggest that you contact the Clear Choice corporate office and provide details along with dates of your attempts to contact your dentist. If the corporate office doesn’t offer to help, you can contact an attorney. It might be advisable to contact a consumer protection attorney anyway to ensure you correctly approach the issue with the corporate office. An attorney will also help you understand your rights.

Meanwhile, the issue with your implants needs to be corrected. If your bite is uneven, it can further jeopardize your oral health. It might be that your Clear Choice dentist doesn’t have the skill to find and correct the issue. We recommend that you schedule a second opinion with an experienced, board-certified prosthodontist. He or she can perform an independent exam and diagnostic studies to determine the cause of the discomfort in your implants and recommend treatment options.

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Clear Choice reviews were good, but I can’t get my deposit refunded

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I am getting implant dentures and after doing a lot of research I decided to go with Clear Choice. I saw more good reviews than bad ones. I don’t expect to see a 5-star rating from every patient. When I do, it makes me think that some reviews are planted. No company does everything perfect every time, so even if every client gives five stars, I believe that something might have been less than ideal for at least some of them if they really took time to think about it. Clear Choice has a good reputation among several of my colleagues too, so I didn’t think twice about going with them. I submitted a $1500 deposit and scheduled an appointment 3 weeks out. My husband, who is cautious about everything, asked me about the second opinion I had scheduled with another dentist. I had actually cancelled that appointment because I knew I was going with Clear Choice. He convinced me that I should reschedule the second opinion and push back the appointment even though I made a deposit. I saw the second opinion dentist last week. Surprisingly, he gave me more options and a much better price for the implant dentures. His credentials and his approach really make me feel more comfortable so I decided to go with him for the implant dentures. Guess what? Clear Choice won’t give me my deposit back. They told me it’s non-refundable. I want my deposit back before I move forward with the new dentist. Can they really keep my money? J.T.


Yours is not the only Clear Choice review that reveals issues with deposits made. Each location is independently owned. Although there isn’t an online policy about deposits and a refund, we recommend that you carefully read the paperwork you signed when you made the deposit.

If you signed an agreement for a non-refundable deposit, it will be difficult to get your money back. You can call the location you visited and ask to speak with the office manager. Because each location is independently owned, you probably won’t have success by calling the corporate office. There is a chance that the office manager might agree to at least partially refund your deposit. But again, if the agreement is for a non-refundable deposit, you might not get the results you want.

Start by speaking with the office manager. Remain calm and polite. Keep in mind that depending on the agreement, Clear Choice might have the right to keep your deposit. Be reasonable and negotiate to get the best outcome.

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Can’t find enough Clear Choice reviews like my case

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I’ve been reading a lot of Clear Choice reviews after having a consultation at one last week and I find the whole thing mind-boggling. All I see are mentions of the same procedure over and over again and it seems like most are good, but I find it odd that so many people needed the exact same thing. A lot of them hit on what I experienced- a big push to get signed up and scheduled then and there at the consultation. I didn’t bite. I went in knowing I wasn’t going to schedule there because I’d already heard about the tactics they use, but the procedure thing… that I didn’t notice until they told me I needed the same one and I went back to look again. Does this make them a specialist or should I get a second opinion? – Thanks – JT

JT – I am trying to make a decision about who to get my dental implants from and the Clear Choice reviews aren’t helping. I went to three dental implant practices and Clear Choice was my last visit. I liked the way I was treated there but the prices are off the charts. I felt more pressured to make a decision to go with Clear Choice. It has been 2 weeks since my visit and they have called me twice. I am taking my time and reading patient reviews on all the places I have visited. The problem with Clear Choice is that probably 90% of the reviews are about All on 4. I am not remotely interested in All on 4 but I am not getting enough information on their other options. I need 6 dental implants. Is there some other place I can get better Clear Choice rviews?

Finding the right dentist to replace several teeth is a serious decision. Although you can’t get a better form of tooth replacement than dental implants, the expense is great. Your efforts to do visit research and visit different implant dentists are vital to getting the best care.

Clear Choice reviews lean toward All-on-4 implants because that treatment is the most popular and most advertised among the company’s offerings. A dental treatment that works well for someone else might not be best for your case. Aggressively sales techniques can rush you to make a decision that you would later regret—or that is not the optimum treatment to replace your six missing teeth.

You’ve had consultations with three other implant dentists, so compare your options with those providers. In addition to the technical aspects of your treatment, pay attention how you are treated by each dentist and his or her staff. Ensure your provider is willing to listen to your concerns and thoroughly explains your treatment options. You need quality care as a patient with an implant dentist who has good chairside manner. Clear Choice reviews can’t provide you with the information you need to choose their services. So it’s best to find a dentist who can.

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Why are Clear Choice reviews inconsistent?

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I have a dental bridge that is about 17 yrs old. It lasted a long time. Now I am thinking about getting an implant bridge. I had 2 consultations with implants dentists and now I am looking for a 3rd opinion. I’ve seen commercials about Clear Choice and I have an acquaintance who received implants from Clear Choice and recommends them. One recommendation isn’t enough for me so I started looking on line for Clear Choice reviews. I found it interesting to see that some reviews are super positive and others are super negative. There are more positive reviews than negative but the negative ones are so bad that it’s making me a little nervous. Why are Clear Choice reviews so inconsistent? Thanks Nicola


Clear Choice reviews are based on patient experience. Some patients have a great experience, while others are disappointed.

Clear Choice reviews reveal that patient cases are treated the same. That approach is risky because each patient case is different. A single method or technique can’t possibly be right for everyone. Your dental implants solution should be tailored to match your needs. Clear Choice often falls short of that.

Rather than visit a dental implant chain, smaller practices often provide consistently positive outcomes. But don’t visit just any implant dentist. Check out his or her experience and credentials before scheduling a consultation. Your current dentist might be able to recommend a skilled prosthodontist for your third opinion.

Ask each dentist how many implant bridge cases he or she has handled. Ask what kind of problems have been encountered and how the dentist resolved them. Discuss your treatment options. An implant bridge might be the right option for you, but other alternatives may be better for your case and your long-term oral health.

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My experience with Clear Choice implants

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I had no problems at all with Clear Choice. The receptionist, scheduler, every dentist I came in contact with, even the sales person all treated me with respect. I was very impressed with the service there. It was, I must add, very expensive though. For some people, I imagine the Center is prohibitively expensive. Clear Choice was actually the most expensive of the 4 estimates I received. I think it was worth it. I hope I never need dental implants again, but if I do, based on this experience, I would return to the same office. Arturo

Arturo – Thank you for submitting your experience to us.

We often receive negative reviews about Clear Choice regarding the high-pressure sales personnel, dentists, the cost of the implants compared to other implants dentists, or the reaction of Clear Choice personnel when a potential customer decides to pursue other options. So we are glad that you had a positive experience.

Take good care of your dental implants, and they can last a lifetime.

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Should I Choose Clear Choice for dental implants?

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I have 5 missing top right teeth. Some are missing due to an accident and others are from decay and not keeping up with my teeth. Some things get to be more important when you are in the situation, so after the accident I started going to the dentist and paying more attention to my teeth. My dentist told me my options are a denture or dental implants. After listening to all of the problems I can have with dentures, of course I wanted dental implants. The problem is the cost. I was all set to get them until my dentist quoted the figure. Thousands of dollars. I have been waiting and thinking about what to do. Meanwhile I am wearing a temporary partial denture that is killing my gums. Since I have been wearing my partial denture I have seen Clear Choice commercials on TV. The center is about 2.5 hours from where I live. I decided to make the trip just to compare the information and cost my dentist gave me. Clear Choice is a little cheaper. I am not sure if it is worth driving the distance though. If they are specialists in implants I am wondering if I might come out better off any way. Does it make sense to get the implants from Clear Choice? Jude

Jude – Dental implants are definitely a better option than a removable partial denture, or any other type of denture. Clear Choice specialized in implant placement, but that doesn’t make them the better choice.

There are mixed reviews from patients on the quality of service and the quality of implants received at Clear Choice. They are a large, nationwide operation with a net worth that allows them to market heavily. Clear Choice is advertised widely, so many people assume it’s the better choice.

Ensure you understand what the quote from your dentist includes, as well as the quote from Clear Choice. It may be advisable to get a third opinion from a prosthodontist. He or she completes the entire implant process from planning and diagnostics, to the implant surgery and restoring dental crown. The services a prosthodontist provides are similar to the one-stop implants approach Clear Choice has. A prosthodontist specializes in tooth restoration and replacement.

Compare your options to make an informed decision about your provider for dental implants.

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Wondering if Clear Choice Reviews are Fake

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I need 4 implants. My dentist referred me to a periodontist and I saw a prosthodontist on my own. Within the past 3 months or so Clear Choice ads run heavy in my TV viewing area. I think it’s to get exposure because before the TV ads I didn’t know about Clear Choice. We live about 60 miles from the Clear Choice office. If I heard the name before I sure don’t remember. So I looked online for patient reviews for Clear Choice and some reviews were great but others were not positive at all. I am a skeptic so I am not really sure if reviews are real or if someone got paid to write them – good or bad. Dental implants are a big deal so if the bad Clear Choice reviews are true I need to stay clear of them. Then again if the positive reviews are true, I would be missing out if I didn’t choose Clear Choice. Have you heard anything about the reviews being fake for Clear Choice? Wagner

Wagner – Although many companies, small and large, have been the subject of news clips for having fake reviews, not all reviews are fake. ClearChoice is not one of the companies that has been marked for having reviews that are not legitimate.

ClearChoice does have a reputation for pushy sales pitches. If you look throughout the website at different review sources, you will find mixed reviews, depending on the doctor that provided the patient with treatment and the ClearChoice locations. Some patients have better or worse results with certain doctors or certain ClearChoice offices.

Find an implant dentist you can trust. Review his or her credentials and experience, and stick with a dentist who isn’t pushy. You should clearly understand your options before you select one, and avoid making a rushed decision. A second or a third opinion is always appropriate if you need more time or information to make a confident decision.

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Confused with Clear Choice reviews

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After wearing dentures for 16 years I have finally given up. I really need implants. I am torn between all on 4 and just getting several standard implant dentures. I have been to a prosthodontist, an implant dentist and Clear Choice. I was very impressed with my Clear Choice visit, but I am confused with their reviews. Either the reviews are great or they are horrible. I don’t see much in between. It’s kind of making me nervous. I was impressed with the reviews from patients for the dentists at the other practices I visited. I know that I can’t depend only on reviews but I think patient comments mean something. I am disappointed because I wanted to be able to choose from 3 different dentists and I may be down to only 2. Doug K

Doug – Clear Choice reviews can be confusing. Reviews vary by location in the country. That’s understandable though, because there are different doctors at each location. The results you get partially depend on the skill of the implant surgeon. Have you been able to research the education, training, and experience for the

If you want to be able to choose from three different dental implant providers, we suggest that you consider getting a fourth opinion. Find a board-certified prosthodontist in a practice independent from those you have already visited.

Board-certification requires a dentist to pass oral and written tests, along with submitting successful cases that he or she has completed from start to finish. Don’t rush your decision. With carefully planning, quality implants, and a great surgeon, dental implants can last a lifetime. Ensure you get the best care possible.

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