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Should I Get a Clear Choice Second Opinion Before Signing the Contract?

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I’m wondering if I should get a second opinion on a Clear Choice treatment plan I was given. I’m expecting a relatively large tax refund this year, which I plan to spend on dental care. I really struggle to save throughout the year and getting this lump sum makes it possible for me to get everything out of the way all at once. Unlike others who write about getting Clear Choice second opinions, I haven’t necessarily had a bad experience with them. They recommended I get the All-on-4 dental implant procedure done, which is what I wanted anyway, and I was already familiar with the costs, so it seems fairly straightforward.

I’m still apprehensive about officially signing up to have the work done. I don’t know if it has to do with the place or the amount of money I’m spending. I’m considering scheduling a consult with another dentist to at least verify what Clear Choice told me. At the same time, I’m wondering if that’s really fair to the second dentist, particularly if I’m already mostly sold on Clear Choice. I don’t want to offend anyone or waste their time, but I would like to go be confident about my decision. Is it ok for me to see another dentist although I probably won’t retain his services? How do I explain it to him in a way he won’t find offensive?

Thanks for your time. TM.


It’s wise to consult with a dentist who provides Clear Choice second opinions—not necessarily because Clear Choice isn’t trustworthy—but because you’re making a major investment and are having second thoughts. When people receive All-on-4, they’re usually looking at a treatment plan of $10,000 or more. You wouldn’t buy a new car without reviewing all your options and doing comparisons. You probably wouldn’t purchase a home appliance or furniture without doing some research, and none of those things are as personal or sensitive as medical or dental care.

A Clear Choice Second Opinion Will Help You Make an Informed Decision

You are not doubting what Clear Choice has recommended, nor are you questioning the treatment plan you were given. You just want to know if you’re making a good decision. Most dentists are glad to consult and confirm a recommendation because it means you trust them. Although they would prefer that you choose them for the treatment, they also understand a patient’s need to make educated and informed decisions. If you can take your x-rays and treatment plan in with you, it will be easier for the dentist to efficiently provide a second opinion on the Clear Choice recommendation.


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Clear Choice Second Opinions: How Much to Tell the Next Dentist?

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I’ve decided to get 2 Clear Choice second opinions. I’m considering having the all-on-4 procedure done and I want to be sure I’m doing the right thing without paying significantly more than I should. All-on-4 requires removing 2 healthy teeth, but the doctor says I’ll probably lose them in the next few years anyway. I don’t know if that’s true or not, nor whether they would be removed prematurely. My questions are: 1) When should I get the Clear Choice second opinions? 2) Is it okay to tell the other dentists I went to Clear Choice? 3) Will I need new x-rays, or can I take mine with me? But doesn’t that tell the other dentists I went to Clear Choice? Many thanks. Patrick


Your questions are good. Normally, when you’re getting a Clear Choice second opinion, the dentist can make an educated guess about what was previously recommended. Clear Choice tends to recommend certain treatment, including All-On-4. Based on your oral health and the number of your remaining health, any dentist who is familiar with the company will likely know what was recommended.

Things to Consider Before Your Clear Choice Second Opinion

Before your second-opinion appointments, consider the factors below to determine what you will say to each dentist and how much information you will provide.

  • Tooth extraction – If you’re questioning whether teeth need to be extracted or not, you may get unbiased feedback by not repeating what a dentist recommended. This is especially true in smaller towns, where one dentist may not want to conflict with another dentist’s recommendation.
  • Treatment plan – If you’re getting the Clear Choice second opinion to confirm whether or not the treatment plan you were given is reasonable, you probably want to bring a copy of the treatment plan with you.
  • Treatment options – If you would like to know your options, it will be beneficial to provide at least some limited information. You can let the dentist know you’ve had consultations, but want to hear his or her recommendations for dental implants. There are always numerous treatment options to explore. In addressing it this way, you’ll likely hear about other solutions in an unbiased way.
  • X-rays – Today’s x-rays are digital and your exposure is low. Some liken it to the equivalent of a day in the sun. It should be safe to retake x-rays. But easiest option is to get copies to take with you, especially if you don’t want the consulting dentists to know you have been to Clear Choice.

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How many Clear Choice Second Opinions do I need?

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I have a question about Chicago Clear Choice second opinions. I’m looking into getting the All-on-4 procedure for my top teeth, so I went to Clear Choice as my first option because they seem to have it down to a science. But, while I was there, I really felt like I was getting pushed into it. I already had a good idea of what I wanted, and that’s why I went there in the first place, but then they started pushing me to schedule the procedure. They told me that I needed to do it right away, and they tried to get me to leave a deposit. I understand that they’re a business, but they made me feel like it wasn’t about me anymore. They knew I wanted the procedure, so they were pushing to collect the cash right away. The experience discouraged me from getting All-on-4 done altogether. I went ahead and scheduled a second consultation with a different office. This one was recommended to me and it is a very small office. I think there is only one dentist and maybe two or three girls who work for him. In any case, he nodded along as I told my story, and then had his assistant draw up the paperwork. He barely even took the time to look in my mouth. Again, it was like it was all business.

So, now I’m wondering if I should go in for a third consultation somewhere else, or if it will even matter. Both these places offered roughly the same process and had similar quotes, so cost isn’t a huge factor. I suspect a third office will be more of the same. But, I also cannot say I’m really comfortable with either of these dentists, let alone looking forward to treatment from them. Should I go in for another consultation or choose one of the providers I’ve already seen and get it over with? Thanks, Dawn


You should get as many Clear Choice second opinions as it takes to make you comfortable. It doesn’t sound like you have dental anxiety or anything that might cloud your decision. The offices you went to are so focused on business that you didn’t feel like they cared about you personally. Here’s what we suggest:

Tips for Getting Clear Choice Second Opinions

Don’t tell the dentist more than he or she needs to know. In other words, don’t tell the dentist what type of dental implants you want or what the other dentists have suggested. This way, he or she will be more likely to discuss all the options with you and spend more time with you as well.

Check the dentist’s credentials first. Although you should give the dentist limited information, you should be well informed. Read his or her reviews and check out before and after photos on the website. It will help you understand the type of service provided before you even enter the office.

Ask questions. If you’re unsure about a process or why something is best, ask the dentist about the pros and cons of the treatment.

Compare apples to apples. The third dentist may propose something totally different because he or she isn’t clouded by the idea that you want All-on-4s. Also, the third dentist isn’t just confirming another dentist’s diagnosis and giving you a price. For this reason, you may not be able to compare the treatment plans exactly. If they don’t match up, wait until the end and ask for a comparison of the two. That way, you can see how the information you are given relates to what previous dentists said.

Understand the time involved. Any kind of implant dentistry can result in treatment that lasts a year or more. If you aren’t sure the dentist has your best interests at heart, it’s going to be a long year full of self-doubt. Be sure you’re selecting someone you genuinely trust and feel at ease with.

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Is Clear Choice just a money pit?

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I work for a marketing agency so I’ve been watching Clear Choice closely. I’ve noticed their commercials more because I actually need dental implants. Although I was hesitant about going to a place I knew nothing of except commercials, I decided to schedule an appointment with Clear Choice. Everyone was friendly and professional. The cost for dental implants with Clear Choice is almost double that of another dentist I saw for information on implants and about 1.3 times the cost of the third implant dentist. I am uncertain if Clear Choice is really that good or if they are just a money pit. Their customer service was far ahead of the other two dentists I visited. If that is any indication of how I will be treated as a patient, it might be worth the cost. How is Clear Choice viewed by other dental professionals? Lil

Lil – Clear Choice is known among dental professionals and among consumers for several things:

  • Aggressive marketing
  • Full-arch dental implants (All-on-4)
  • Higher-than-average fees

Whether they are a good option for a patient can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you only have one or a few teeth missing, Clear Choice probably isn’t the most cost-effective option. You are able to find high-quality dental implants that cost less.

We’re curious as to whether or not Clear Choice offered you multiple treatment options. There is no need for All-on-4 dental implants unless all of your teeth are missing or badly damaged.

It’s good that you received two other opinions from implant dentists. Compare your treatment options with the other dentists you visit. Keep in mind that if you do need All-on-4 dental implants, a skilled prosthodontist can provide them. He or she is likely able to provide all the services you need in his or her office. That’s the same convenience you would get from Clear Choice.

Many actual patients of Clear Choice or other mega dental centers feel that they didn’t receive personal attention. They felt more like they were visiting a finely tuned dental clinic. Although your initial visit was great, you might be disappointed as a Clear Choice patient.

The decision to receive dental implants shouldn’t be made quickly or based on emotion or impulse. Choose your provider carefully, too.

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I don’t trust Clear Choice and I need a second opinion

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Can you give me some tips on getting a good Clear Choice second opinion? I was under the impression that they could help me get the most out of my money for dental implants. I scheduled an appointment and was surprised at the recommendation. I am not missing all of my teeth and I thought saving as many natural teeth was the preferred method. I even mentioned that to the sales rep and dentist, but I felt pressured to get my remaining teeth extracted and replaced with all on 4. They asked me for a deposit and were trying to schedule an appointment for the procedure. It made me uncomfortable and I let them know that. Also I mentioned that when I am making major investments in something, I take time to think about it. All on 4 wasn’t even on my radar so I needed to do some research and get a second opinion. They looked insulted when I mentioned getting a second opinion. I’m wondering if another dentist would recommend pulling my remaining teeth or if I would get different results from a second opinion. How do I find another dentist I can trust? Khalid


Khalid – Your experience with Clear Choice is common. Many people report feeling pressured to schedule an appointment for the procedure even if they are not comfortable with the recommendation. But this tactic increases the probability of patients getting the work done with Clear Choice. If you schedule an appointment and make a deposit, it can make you feel obligated to go through with it.

Whenever major dental work is recommended—from Clear Choice or otherwise—it’s wise to get a second opinion. You’ll get another perspective, additional information, and confirmation on your options. Dental implants should last a lifetime, so you shouldn’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you made the right decision.

A dental specialist might be able to preserve your remaining natural teeth. A prosthodontist specializes in preserving and restoring teeth, as well as in dental implant placement. Find one or two board-certified prosthodontists, and schedule a consultation with each of them. Take a copy of your dental records and digital x-rays with you. The data will be carefully examined before treatment options are recommended.

Don’t mention the recommendation you received from Clear Choice. Just allow each prosthodontist to provide his or her opinion. Compare your options and costs to make an informed decision that you’ll be comfortable with in years to come.

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Do I need another opinion after my Clear Choice second opinion?

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I got a second opinion from Clear Choice on my All on 4 implants that I received from a completely different dental center. I got the implants last September and after the dentures were put on them, I noticed that my teeth seemed to protrude more than they used to. When I look at my profile in the mirror, my lips seems to puff out a little more. The teeth really look like Bullwinkle’s teeth. It is so obvious now that I have dentures. Even the gum part of the denture stands out. I see people looking at my mouth when I talk to them. 2 weeks ago I got a second opinion from Clear Choice. They want to give me new dentures and put the All on 4 implants in a completely different position because they say the implants are too far forward. I wasn’t expecting to need new implants and new dentures. Does this sound like a valid explanation of what is going on or do I need another opinion after my Clear Choice second opinion? Thank you. Joan

Joan – We recommend that you seek another opinion even though you’ve had a second opinion from Clear Choice.

If your dentures protrude, your All-On-4 dental implants were probably placed incorrectly. But whether or not you need new dentures should be verified first.

Below are some reasons to get another opinion:

  • Normally, finding a better location in your jawbone for dental implants doesn’t necessarily mean that you need new dentures.
  • A second opinion can help determine if there really is a problem with the dentures and if they need to be completely remade.
  • An experienced prosthodontist can determine if the position of the implants, the denture base, the denture teeth, or a combination of factors are causing your dentures to protrude.

Compare your options and the cost with the information you received from your Clear Choice second opinion.

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How do I get a reliable second opinion after Clear Choice?

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How do I get a reliable second opinion after Clear Choice? I went to the Clear Choice dental implant center last week Tuesday and I can’t believe the quote I got for implants. I’m currently wearing complete dentures. $50,000! Is that a realistic quote? I was expecting much less particularly because all of my teeth have been extracted and this is Clear Choice after all. They do this all the time. Shouldn’t the rates be lower? – Gemma

Gemma – Many people are surprised with the quote received from Clear Choice. Perhaps the marketing causes people to think that Clear Choice is more affordable. A free CT scan is offered, while the fee for it at most dental practices is hundreds of dollars. The thought of receiving the implants in one appointment is also appealing. Clear Choice has skilled implant dentists, and the high fees enable the company to hire the skilled staff.

The technique that allows dental implants to be placed in one visit is called All-On-4. Implants are highly angled in the jawbone, which requires no bone grafting to support them. Treatment that requires bone grafting is comparable to the $50,000 fee that you were quoted. Although All-On-4 is riskier, it can be completed quickly, and it is quite profitable.

Things to consider when seeking a Clear Choice second opinion

  • Find a credentialed and experienced implant dentist from whom you can receive a second opinion.
  • Don’t settle for whomever offers the lowest cost for implants, because that is often an indicator that shortcuts will be taken—and shortcuts can lead to serious mistakes that will cost you even more money.
  • Look for a board-certified prosthodontist or a dentist with fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

The ultimate decision is yours; be sure to make an informed one. Read about how implant overdentures can secure your dentures with as few as two implants.

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Advice on handling a Clear Choice second opinion

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I am exploring my options and considering getting a Clear Choice second opinion. I have 4 lower left teeth missing. Two are side by side. Clear Choice told me that because I only have 4 missing teeth I am not eligible for their regular promotion for something called all on 4. I really didn’t understand that process. Anyway they suggested replacing all of my teeth on the left hand side which sounds strange to me. Is there another option? Should I tell the second opinion dentist about the estimate from Clear Choice? Thanks. L.W.

L.W. – We encourage you to get a second opinion from a skilled implant dentist. There is no problem with letting the dentist know that you’ve been to Clear Choice for an evaluation and estimate.

You wouldn’t qualify for All-On-4 implants, which replace the entire arch of upper or lower teeth. Replacing your four teeth with individual implants is one option. You may also be a candidate for an implant-supported dental bridge which has replacement teeth suspended between the dental implant anchors. Before the exact treatment options can be determined, an examination and diagnostic studies are required. The condition of your surrounding teeth will be assessed.

We can’t speculate as to why Clear Choice recommended replacing all of your lower left teeth with dental implants, but when you receive a second opinion, inquire about the condition of all of your teeth on the left side.

A skilled prosthodontist can replace your teeth with a dental bridge or dental implants and produce results that will look completely natural.

A second, or even a third opinion, is wise to ensure you understand your options and make an informed decision.

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Is this quote Chicago Clear Choice really how much implants cost?

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I am in need of some serious dental work. I just retired after 30 years at my company. I have limited dental insurance and I need dental implants. I went to Clear Choice dental and they quoted me $30,000-$40,000 to do dental implants. I can’t do that with my budget. I picked Clear Choice because it is obviously a large practice. I like the feel of having multiple doctors in a practice in case something goes wrong or my doctor isn’t available. At least there is someone else that can pick up where my doctor left off. I guess I want to know is if that price from Clear Choice is really what the implants are going for and if I can get them for less. – Alan

Alan – Your case needs to be examined by a skilled implant dentist to get an accurate second opinion on the recommendation and estimated cost you received from Chicago Clear Choice.

There are so many factors that affect the cost of implants. Your bone density, the type of implants used, the number of implants you need, the implant crowns, the implant surgery—all contribute to the cost of your dental implants. And other factors can affect the cost.

You will be able to find an implant dentist who will address your concerns and let you know your treatment options. Most dental insurance plans provide very little benefits, if any at all, for dental implants. Many implant dentists offer no-interest financing or payment plans, which can make treatment more affordable for you.

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If I have a treatment plan from Clear Choice is a second opinion necessary?

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I went to ClearChoice and got a full exam and x-rays. The whole process was very thorough. I have a couple of friends who have implants and from their description what they experienced was nowhere near as comprehensive as Clear Choice. I can’t imagine what another dentist could come up with to beat the in-depth prep that was done there. My wife is a stickler for second opinions and she pretty much told me that I was increasing the risk of something going wrong with my implants if I didn’t get a second opinion. It’s just that I feel very confident about my visit with them. I even have a treatment plan. Is a second opinion really needed? Thanks Thom

Thom – Usually, a patient has several options that will resolve his or her dental issue. Clear Choice is known for offering a single solution to a patient, and quite often, that option is the same from one patient to the next. Their high-pressure sales tactics are very convincing for many patients.

While All-On-4 dental implants may be an option for your case, multiple standard implants may also work well. Ensure you know and understand your options as well as the pros and cons for each of them.

The dental implants process requires an investment of time and money. Ensure you understand what is involved your treatment. Ask Clear Choice for your options and information on how they compare.

We do recommend that you seek a second opinion from a skilled implant dentist who can exam your diagnostic studies and let you know your implant options. You may decide that you want to proceed with All-On-4, but a Clear Choice second opinion will increase your comfort level about your decision.

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