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Clear Choice costs much higher than other practices

By April 28, 2014November 19th, 2020Blog

I liked everything about Clear Choice except the cost. Although they have an aggressive sales pitch similar to a time share sales pitch, I did like the customer service and the dentist with whom I spoke. When I heard the $22,000 price tag for my dental implants, I decided to see some other implant dentists. It was not surprising to me that the cost was significantly cheaper. I still have to decide who I will let do the work. Denise

Denise – Thank you for your review.

Your review about the Clear Choices sales methods is common. Clear Choice costs are typically significantly higher than other practices. But that is to be expected because they have more personnel and overhead costs than the average practice.

You did well in seeking additional opinions. It is in the best interest of anyone considering dental implants to get two or three opinions before making a final decision.

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