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Does Clear Choice have a lower dental implant failure rate than others?

By October 11, 2015November 19th, 2020Dental Implant Failure, Dental Implants

I have read a lot of Clear Choice reviews. Most people in my area seem pretty pleased with the results. I am wondering how their implants success or failure rate compares to other places. That’s my real concern. How long will the implants last? – Badou

Badou- Although you won’t be able to find statistical data that compares the success rate of Clear Choice dental implants with the implants from other providers in your area, you can continue to look for patient reviews for all of the providers you are considering.

In addition to successful implant surgery, part of the continued success of implants depends on the patient and his or her determination to maintain good oral hygiene.

It is important to prevent inflammation around the implant. A buildup of plaque can cause inflammation. But plaque can be eliminated by daily flossing around each tooth and implant. Brush your teeth twice daily to remove food bacteria and debris that lead to plaque. Be certain to floss between the implant and adjacent teeth, and between the implant and gums above the implant. Floss the gums above the implant in the front and the back of your implant crown.

Ensure that you keep regular dental cleaning appointments. Only your dental hygienist has the tools needed to deeply clean between your teeth and gums, and to probe around your implant to inspect for plaque—and to remove it. Ask your dental hygienist to watch you floss to ensure that your flossing technique is effective.

Smoking is a risk factor that can prevent dental implants from healing properly. It is best to avoid smoking during the healing process, which can last for several months.

Whether you receive dental implants from Clear Choice, or if you select a different provider, maintaining good oral hygiene is a crucial factor in the success of your implants.

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