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Clear Choice rep says I don’t need a second opinion

By November 12, 2015October 20th, 2023Blog

I spent almost 2 hours at Clear Choice last week watching videos, talking to sales people and talking to a Clear Choice doctors. They didn’t keep me there that long, I just had a lot of questions. I was really surprised at the way they took time with me like I was the only person there, and they really had several clients. They were attentive to everyone. When I had all of my questions answered, I felt a little pressure to schedule an appointment to get the implants. Before I went to Clear Choice, I was determined to have consultations with 2 other implant dentists. In fact I have the appointments scheduled already. It was interesting that when I mentioned the 2nd opinion that the whole thing got a little sour. I was told by a rep that a second opinion isn’t necessary. Those were not the words used but the message was clear to me that they had everything I need for implants and there is no need to look any further. I did not schedule the appointment with them and I am keeping my other two consultations. I haven’t made any decision yet. I am just wondering what to expect when I go to the next implant dentist. Will I be pressured again? It’s just a consultation. Is there some unwritten rule of expectations after a consultation that I don’t know about? Thank you. Lloyd

Lloyd – You are correct. A consultation does not require a commitment from the patient. The purpose is to provide you with information about your treatment options, allow you to ask questions, and assist in determining which treatment—and which provider for the treatment—you want.

The majority of dental professionals recognize a patient’s right to get a second opinion—or even to change providers in the middle of treatment. It’s your right.

Our recommendation is that you ensure your consultations are with experienced dental implant providers. Ask about their experience, as well as how many implant procedures, similar to your case, the surgeon has performed. After care and follow-up appointments are necessary and important to the success of your dental implants, so observe how you are treated during your consultation. Your comfort with the office environment and staff should be included in your decision on a provider for your implants.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


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