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Clear choice review – teeth are too big

By April 6, 2015November 19th, 2020Blog

I thought about dental tourism in Mexico for my all on 4 implants but I decided against it and went with Clear Choice. After the procedure ,I had much more pain that I expected or was told about but the implants healed well. I’ve had the implants for about 5 months. My problem is that the teeth on the implants are too big for my mouth and they make my lips poke out. I am sure that I will get this resolved soon. – Miranda

Miranda – Thank you for your Clear Choice review. We are glad to know that with the exception of your implant teeth, you had a good experience.

We recommend that you continue to pursue the issue with the size of the crowns on your implants. If your teeth are too large, they will detract from your smile and eventually you will regret not insisting on replacement crowns that look natural and fit well. Don’t settle or get used to them. You’ve made an investment in your smile, and your teeth should be beautiful.

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