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Clear Choice Second Opinions: How Much to Tell the Next Dentist?

By January 4, 2018September 9th, 2023Blog

I’ve decided to get 2 Clear Choice second opinions. I’m considering having the all-on-4 procedure done and I want to be sure I’m doing the right thing without paying significantly more than I should. All-on-4 requires removing 2 healthy teeth, but the doctor says I’ll probably lose them in the next few years anyway. I don’t know if that’s true or not, nor whether they would be removed prematurely. My questions are: 1) When should I get the Clear Choice second opinions? 2) Is it okay to tell the other dentists I went to Clear Choice? 3) Will I need new x-rays, or can I take mine with me? But doesn’t that tell the other dentists I went to Clear Choice? Many thanks. Patrick


Your questions are good. Normally, when you’re getting a Clear Choice second opinion, the dentist can make an educated guess about what was previously recommended. Clear Choice tends to recommend certain treatment, including All-On-4. Based on your oral health and the number of your remaining health, any dentist who is familiar with the company will likely know what was recommended.

Things to Consider Before Your Clear Choice Second Opinion

Before your second-opinion appointments, consider the factors below to determine what you will say to each dentist and how much information you will provide.

  • Tooth extraction – If you’re questioning whether teeth need to be extracted or not, you may get unbiased feedback by not repeating what a dentist recommended. This is especially true in smaller towns, where one dentist may not want to conflict with another dentist’s recommendation.
  • Treatment plan – If you’re getting the Clear Choice second opinion to confirm whether or not the treatment plan you were given is reasonable, you probably want to bring a copy of the treatment plan with you.
  • Treatment options – If you would like to know your options, it will be beneficial to provide at least some limited information. You can let the dentist know you’ve had consultations, but want to hear his or her recommendations for dental implants. There are always numerous treatment options to explore. In addressing it this way, you’ll likely hear about other solutions in an unbiased way.
  • X-rays – Today’s x-rays are digital and your exposure is low. Some liken it to the equivalent of a day in the sun. It should be safe to retake x-rays. But easiest option is to get copies to take with you, especially if you don’t want the consulting dentists to know you have been to Clear Choice.

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