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Is a second opinion on Clear Choice implants needed?

By August 28, 2013November 30th, 2018Second Opinion

I am wondering if I need a second opinion on implants from Clear Choice. My regular dentist sent me there to one of his associates for dental implants. My dentist says that I have some bone loss and probably need grafting but Clear Choice says no. They can do it will the all on 4 and it won’t be a problem. I told my dentist that Clear Choice says no to the graft and he kind of looked concerned but didn’t say much. Since my dentist referred me there, I want to trust them but now I am wondering if a second opinion is needed. Does it sound like I need bone grafting? Wade

Wade – Even if your dentist is comfortable, your concern is enough to merit getting a second opinion on your Clear Choice visit to find out if bone grafting is recommended.

Find an experienced implant dentist to review your case. He or she will carefully review your medical history and CT scans to determine if you have adequate jawbone density to support dental implants. Not everyone is a candidate for All-on-4 implants, so the implant dentist can also let you know if that is an option for you.

Of course, the final decision is yours. Carefully consider the pros and cons of your options beforehand.

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