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Just read a nightmare Clear Choice review online!

By September 29, 2014November 19th, 2020Blog

Clear Choice is my second opinion and I have an appointment next week. I am going because my co-worker recommended them to me. Her brother-in-law got good results at Clear Choice. I just read a nightmare review about a Clear Choice recommendation for dental implants that went bad. The patient was all set for implant surgery, but the surgeon came in and told the patient not to go through with it. This is scary and it shakes my confidence a little. What can I do if Clear Choice makes a different recommendation from the first dentist that I met with? Thanks. T. Yarborough

Dear T. Yarborough – We understand your concern. It is possible that you will receive a different treatment recommendation from Clear Choice. Clear Choice has implant procedures that it does more frequently than others, and that it recommends more frequently than others.

Remember that just because a recommendation is made, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. You are free to, and we suggest it, get a third opinion. Find an independent prosthodontist who is neither affiliated with the first dentist with whom you met, nor with Clear Choice.

An experienced prosthodontist will let you know your treatment options and the results you can expect from each of them. A third opinion will help you make a decision with more confidence.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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