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Mixed feelings about mixed Clear Choice dental implants reviews

By February 6, 2014November 19th, 2020Blog

I am writing with mixed feelings. I need dental implants but I am torn about the provider I will use. I have an associate who got her dental implants from Clear Choice. There are some things that she didn’t like about Clear Choice (she though the sales staff was too aggressive) but overall, she is very pleased with her dental implants. When I can get first-hand experiences on a decision I have to make, I listen. The problem is, my associate is the only person that I know who has been to Clear Choice. So I have started doing some online investigation. I have read tons of reviews and found that, depending on what website you go to, the reviews are mixed. Then I wonder how many of the reviews have been planted by Clear Choice for the positive, or by their competitors for the negative reviews. Your thoughts? Much appreciated.- Dagmar J.

Dagmar –  Conflicting opinions can be confusing. We have received many critical reviews regarding Clear Choice, and we’ve received some positive ones too. But if you’ve read a volume of reviews and are still undecided, another review wouldn’t help.

We suggest that you begin the process of selecting a provider for your dental implants. Review the credentials and experience of providers first. After you narrow your selections to three or four providers, schedule consultations, exams—whatever you need to help you make an informed choice.

Prepare a list of questions about your concerns regarding the procedure, cost, post-treatment, the protocol to ensure your satisfaction—all of your concerns. Ask them of each provider, and take note of the responses. In addition to the implant dentist’s experience and credentials, ensure that you are comfortable with dentist and the care he or she will give you.

After your consultations, you will feel more comfortable making a final decision. If it’s Clear Choice, be sure to let us know about your experience.

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