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I should have listened to the Clear Choice reviews

By January 16, 2017October 20th, 2023Second Opinion, Dental Implants

I want to let people know to be sure to read Clear Choice reviews for the office wherever they live. I know that all Clear Choice locations don’t have bad reviews but the one nearest me does and I should have listened. The reviews are accurate.

My experience has been horrible. I have lost $19,700 and I am left with an issue that is still unresolved. I am stressed about the amount of money it is going to cost to undo the damage. In November 2015 I decided to get implants to replace 3 decayed teeth. My dentist quoted me rates that I thought I could not afford. I had seen Clear Choice commercials before but really didn’t pay attention to them until one evening when I saw another commercial. I looked at review online and some were bad and others were good. I thought that’s normal especially for some customers who are impossible to please. I had a consultation at Clear Choice that I thought went pretty well and as expected, they asked me to pay up front. That’s what I read about in several of the reviews.

I got a loan with a moderate interest rate to make the down payment on the implants. I had the surgery but the implants are messing up my bite. Fortunately they are all on the same side of my mouth because the pressure of chewing sends pain throughout my jaw. Of course I contacted Clear Choice right away and an appointment was made. The dentist claimed he made an adjustment but I was still very uncomfortable. I gave it a week and called the office again. Another “adjustment” was made and I feel that the teeth are worse now than before. I don’t want to become obsessed with this, but I am certain that it feels worse. I called the office and didn’t get a return call back. So I went in person and after waiting about 30 minutes, someone came out to speak with me. I was offered an upgraded procedure for $8500. I am not a person who gets angry but the level of my fury was so bad that I felt like I would become violent so I left the office. I have called and asked to speak with my dentist, but he is always busy and I haven’t received a return call. Before I hire an attorney I wanted to contact a reputable implant office to find out how to handle this. Thank you.  – Dallas

Dallas – We are sorry to hear about the discomfort you are having with your implants and the difficulty getting a resolution. We suggest that you contact the Clear Choice corporate office and provide details along with dates of your attempts to contact your dentist. If the corporate office doesn’t offer to help, you can contact an attorney. It might be advisable to contact a consumer protection attorney anyway to ensure you correctly approach the issue with the corporate office. An attorney will also help you understand your rights.

Meanwhile, the issue with your implants needs to be corrected. If your bite is uneven, it can further jeopardize your oral health. It might be that your Clear Choice dentist doesn’t have the skill to find and correct the issue. We recommend that you schedule a second opinion with an experienced, board-certified prosthodontist. He or she can perform an independent exam and diagnostic studies to determine the cause of the discomfort in your implants and recommend treatment options.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist and implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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