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Wondering if Clear Choice Reviews are Fake

By April 6, 2016November 19th, 2020Blog

I need 4 implants. My dentist referred me to a periodontist and I saw a prosthodontist on my own. Within the past 3 months or so Clear Choice ads run heavy in my TV viewing area. I think it’s to get exposure because before the TV ads I didn’t know about Clear Choice. We live about 60 miles from the Clear Choice office. If I heard the name before I sure don’t remember. So I looked online for patient reviews for Clear Choice and some reviews were great but others were not positive at all. I am a skeptic so I am not really sure if reviews are real or if someone got paid to write them – good or bad. Dental implants are a big deal so if the bad Clear Choice reviews are true I need to stay clear of them. Then again if the positive reviews are true, I would be missing out if I didn’t choose Clear Choice. Have you heard anything about the reviews being fake for Clear Choice? Wagner

Wagner – Although many companies, small and large, have been the subject of news clips for having fake reviews, not all reviews are fake. ClearChoice is not one of the companies that has been marked for having reviews that are not legitimate.

ClearChoice does have a reputation for pushy sales pitches. If you look throughout the website at different review sources, you will find mixed reviews, depending on the doctor that provided the patient with treatment and the ClearChoice locations. Some patients have better or worse results with certain doctors or certain ClearChoice offices.

Find an implant dentist you can trust. Review his or her credentials and experience, and stick with a dentist who isn’t pushy. You should clearly understand your options before you select one, and avoid making a rushed decision. A second or a third opinion is always appropriate if you need more time or information to make a confident decision.

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