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Superior Cavity Detection


At Naperville Dental Specialists, we use DEXIS CariVu™ as a companion to digital x-rays for the most accurate caries (cavities) detection possible. CariVu is a small, radiation-free, handheld device that relies on patented transillumination technology to bathe the teeth in near-infrared light. Enamel appears transparent letting us see right through the tooth while decay and cracks look dark. We can spot caries in their earliest stages for more conservative treatment.

Exceptional Diagnostics

On certain areas of the teeth, x-rays may not pick-up decay until it’s in more advanced stages. CariVu detects lesions even in difficult-to-see spots early on when treatment is easier and less invasive.

Second Opinion

CariVu can serve as a second opinion. If an x-ray shows a suspicious area, we can use it to get a better look without exposing you to any more radiation. When combined with x-rays, the accuracy is unmatched.

CariVu Camera

Improved Communication

We can show you the images on our screen so you’re seeing exactly what we are. This way, we’re always on the same page and you’ll feel informed and educated about your oral health.

No Ionizing Radiation

CariVu doesn’t emit any ionizing radiation. It utilizes transillumination technology to reveal the tooth’s entire structure safely and quickly. Thanks to its small size, it’s also extremely comfortable for patients.

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