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Assessing Your Oral Health From Every Angle


Our Naperville dentists use intraoral cameras for both diagnostics and patient education. Years ago, dentists used mirrors to see the teeth from certain angles, get a good view of the soft tissues of the mouth and show patients what they were seeing. Intraoral cameras are a more comfortable, effective way to achieve these goals. We’re able to get even more visual information about your teeth and gums and show you a live video feed of your mouth on our screen too. This ensures we don’t miss a thing and you can play a proactive role in your own oral health and care.

Maximizes Views

Our intraoral cameras are small and help us see your mouth from all angles. We can get views of your enamel and soft tissues that would otherwise be impossible.

Educates Patients

You can see what we’re seeing on our screen. We can point out areas of concern to keep you informed. By having a clear picture of your oral health, you may even find yourself more motivated to care for your smile.

Technology Intraoral Cameras

Improves Diagnostics

Intraoral cameras add another layer to our diagnostics. When combined with digital x-rays, a visual exam and things like CariVu, we can spot issues early on while prevention is still possible.

High-Definition Images

These tiny, digital intraoral cameras pack a lot of power. The images that appear on our screen are crisp, clear and high-definition. We can also manipulate them to get an even closer view.

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