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Lasers are among the most exciting advances in dentistry. As leaders in cutting-edge dental care, we offer diode laser treatment in Naperville. The laser can be used for a variety of procedures involving the soft tissues of the mouth, including removing excess gum tissue, encouraging tooth eruption, disinfecting gum pockets and more. There’s no need for needles and once we apply a topical anesthetic, the only thing you’ll feel is the movement of the tip of laser. That means painless, more efficient treatment.


Since diode laser treatment is gentle, we don’t have to inject an anesthetic. We simply put topical anesthesia on your gums and you won’t feel a thing, aside from movement. Treatment is comfortable, pain-free and quick.


Our Naperville dentists have complete control over the laser for highly accurate procedures. Diode laser treatment is more precise than other options and we can get the job done without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Technology Diode Laser


Lasers are extremely versatile. We can use them to perform a variety of procedures, ranging from removing excess gum tissue to disinfecting gum pockets in cases of periodontal disease.


Diode laser treatment is effective and safe for patients of all ages. It’s even excellent for infants and children because of the comfort and lack of needles.

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