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Precise, Three-Dimensional Imaging


In our effort to achieve clinical excellence in our general, cosmetic and implant dentistry in Naperville, we use i-CAT® 3D imaging technology. It takes three-dimensional, high-definition x-rays, allowing for maximum precision when it comes to diagnostics and treatment planning. i-CAT® provides us with detailed visual information that just can’t be achieved with a two-dimensional x-ray, while also minimizing your exposure to radiation.


Enhanced Accuracy and Patient Experience

Our i-CAT® machine takes digital, 3D radiographs quickly and comfortably. You simply have a seat and it completes the imaging in 4.8 seconds. We receive high-definition images that show us the precise location of your nerve canal, sinus walls, existing teeth, gums, jaw and temporomandibular joints. We can even assess the characteristics, measurements and density of your jawbone. We’re also able to target specific views, zoom, enhance the contrast and extract images to get the best view possible and plan your treatment from every angle. This means any dental procedure you receive will be safe and accurate.


The digital imaging technology emits less radiation and reduces exposure time significantly. The precision also ensures mistakes are avoided during dental procedures.


i-CAT® takes extra-oral x-rays in seconds. You won’t need to chomp down on bitewings, sit for long periods of time or have numerous different types of x-rays.


Lightening Speed

We see 3D images of your entire oral and facial structure on our screen in seconds and since it’s digital, we don’t need to develop film. This means less time in our chair and a faster diagnosis.


The quality of the multi-dimensional images is unparalleled. We can see every detail and view your mouth and facial structures from all angles for improved treatment planning.

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