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Dr Messieha

Naperville Dental Anesthesiologist

Dr. Zak Messieha, DDS

Dr. Zak Messieha is a Board-certified dental anesthesiologist who has been practicing anesthesiology with a focus on anesthesia care for dental, head and neck, and maxillofacial procedures since 1995. He received his DDS degree from Ohio State University and his internship training from the Medical College of Virginia-Virginia Commonwealth University Hospital. His anesthesiology residency was completed at the Long Island Jewish Hospital in New Hyde Park, NY.

In 1996, he came to University of Illinois at Chicago Health Sciences Center, where he continues to teach and train residents in anesthesia as a clinical professor. Dr. Messieha is the clinical director and president of Office Anesthesiology & Dental Consultants, PC, an anesthesia care organization dedicated to office-based anesthesia for children, patients with special needs, and fearful adults that is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC).

Dr. Messieha lectures nationally and internationally on issues related to anesthesia care, pain, and anxiety control with special interest for anesthesia for children and patients with special needs and phobic adults. He also publishes articles and research related to newer and safer techniques in anesthesia, especially in the office-based and ambulatory environment. Dr. Messieha has held leadership positions in both national and international professional organizations related to this field.

When not occupied with his professional activities, Dr. Messieha enjoys traveling, playing soccer, reading, and being involved in his local church. Many of these activities are shared with his wife and three adult children.

For more information about the scope of anesthesia services provided by Dr. Messieha and his team, visit the Anesthesiology & Dental Consultants, PC website.

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