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Intraoral X-Rays Made Easy


Intraoral x-rays (x-rays taken from inside of the mouth) are an essential part of your dental care. However, conventional bitewing x-rays are uncomfortable and time-consuming. At Naperville Dental Specialists, we use the NOMAD handheld x-ray device in conjunction with digital sensors to take comfortable x-rays in half the time with no drooling or holding unwieldy bitewings in your mouth. The images show up instantly on our screen and the operator doesn’t even have to leave the room. The device emits significantly less radiation than standard x-rays and since it’s accurate, there’s no need for retakes, further reducing your exposure.

Small, Handheld Device

The NOMAD x-ray machine is portable and easy to maneuver. We can get all of the necessary angles and thanks to its built-in shield, the person taking the x-rays is protected and doesn’t need to leave the room.

High-Quality Images

NOMAD relies on the latest x-ray technology to take detailed, high-quality, digital radiographs. This means improved diagnostics and fewer retakes.

Nomad Sensor

Super Speed

With the NOMAD, we can snap x-rays almost twice as fast as we can with a conventional machine. There’s no waiting for film to be developed or running back and forth, saving you time.

Safe and Comfortable

You’re exposed to significantly less radiation with NOMAD than you are with regular x-rays. Because of the speed and the use of digital sensors, the experience is also much more comfortable.

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