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A Powerful Tool for Early Detection


VELscope® is a handheld imaging device that relies on blue-spectrum light to reveal a variety of oral abnormalities before they’re visible to the naked eye. Cancer and pre-cancerous lesions, side effects from medication, trauma, chemical irritation, infection and other conditions stand out against healthy tissue. An oral cancer screening with VELscope is quick and comfortable. At Naperville Dental Specialists, we’re able to spot issues like cancerous lesions when they’re still highly treatable.

No Radiation

VELscope screens for oral cancer and other conditions by emitting a safe, blue-spectrum light and doesn’t emit any radiation.


VELscope is able to detect abnormalities that can’t be seen in natural light and long before they’re visible to the unassisted eye.

Vel Scope


A screening with VELscope doesn’t involve uncomfortable tests or dyes. We simply shine the light on the soft tissues of the mouth. You won’t feel a thing.

Early Detection

VELscope can reveal lesions in their earliest stages when they’re still localized. Early detection improves the odds that oral cancer treatment will be successful.

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