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Sensitive Teeth Treatment in Naperville, IL


Having sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and it makes simple, daily activities like eating or drinking unpleasant. However, there are such a wide variety of things that can cause teeth to be sensitive and effectively treating sensitivity depends on correctly identifying the underlying reason. At Naperville Dental Specialists, our caring professionals can determine what’s stimulating the sensitivity to help eliminate it.

The Causes of Sensitive of Teeth

If your tooth is sensitive to air…

You most likely have an exposed root. As we age, the roots of our teeth can become exposed. Treatment may involve a filling or protective sealant. In other cases, a toothpaste especially for sensitive teeth might help. Air sensitivity can also be caused by a deep filling, tooth decay, recent dental work, a missing filling or broken tooth, or an acid reflux problem.

If your tooth is sensitive to sweets…

You likely have a leaky filling. Fillings can wear down over time, and gaps between the tooth and the filling allow food substances to penetrate down to the sensitive tooth surface. Replacement of the filling usually addresses the problem.

If your tooth is sensitive to cold…

You may have a tooth infection or this could simply be a temporary response to new dental work or exposed roots. We’ll ask you about the intensity, onset and duration of your cold sensitivity to help determine why it’s happening.

If your tooth is sensitive to pressure…

You may have an infection in the tooth that has spread to the bone. If your tooth is always sensitive, rather than intermittently sensitive, this is often the case. Alternatively, your tooth may be injured temporarily and will simply need time to recover. A tooth that is only occasionally sensitive to biting/chewing pressure is a classic sign of a cracked tooth. It can also indicate that your bite is out of alignment.

Occasionally, you might have sensitivity in a recently restored tooth only when pressure hits a very particular place on the chewing surface. This can mean there are bubbles in the composite material used to fill the tooth, which compress under chewing pressure and cause pain. In this instance, the filling will need to be replaced.

If your tooth is sensitive to heat…

The pulp of your tooth is probably so inflamed that it’s nearly dead. Sensitivity to heat is particularly alarming, as it indicates that the problem has been progressing for some time and implies there is deep decay. This type of sensitivity is usually a sign you need a root canal procedure.

Let’s Get to the Bottom of Your Tooth Sensitivity

Our experienced dentists can quickly identify the source of your discomfort and help you decide on the best course of action to get you back to chewing and biting with ease. Take the first step towards alleviating your sensitivity by making an appointment at our office online or by calling us at (630) 848-2010.

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