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A Comfortable Alternative to Bitewings


Though intraoral x-rays are incredibly important, the conventional method of taking them leaves a lot to be desired. Bitewings are unwieldy, uncomfortable and often slip out of place making retakes necessary. Plus, the process of having a patient bite down while the assistant runs in and out of the room for exposures is inefficient. We have a solution at Naperville Dental Specialists. We use DEXIS digital sensors instead of bitewings for our intraoral x-rays. These small, smooth sensors go into your mouth to capture images and send the x-rays to our computer screen instantly. The experience is quick, comfortable and safe.

Detailed Images

DEXIS digital sensors capture consistent, high-quality x-rays with remarkable contrast even at the lowest dose of radiation, allowing us to spot issues in their earliest stages.

Improved Safety

Digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation than conventional ones. Due to the quality of the images, we can use the lowest dose possible and eliminate the need for retakes.


The smooth, small digital sensor rests in your mouth. You don’t have to bite down on a large contraption while the bitewings dig into your cheeks. There’s no discomfort at all.


Using DEXIS digital sensors with our NOMAD x-ray device enables us to take x-rays in half the time. We can see the images in seconds, which means quicker appointments for you.

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