Metal-Free, Holistic Dental Implants in Naperville

Dental implants are ideal for replacing missing teeth because they last a lifetime, they’re attractive and strong and you can chew, speak and smile just like you can with your natural teeth. When it comes to the materials for the implants, titanium and ceramic have been successful for integrating into the jawbone. Traditionally, titanium was the material of choice for implants. While it’s still an excellent option, some patients have concerns over allergies, galvanization, biocompatibility issues and other worries about metal. Zirconia dental implants, often referred to as ceramic dental implants or holistic dental implants, are a metal-free alternative. Zirconia has been proven just as effective as its titanium counterpart. We offer our patients the option of ceramic dental implants in Naperville at our practice and Dr. LaVacca will help you decide on the best option for your smile. Read on to learn more or book a complimentary consultation by requesting an appointment online or calling us at (630) 848-2010.

The Benefits of Zirconia/Ceramic Dental Implants

  • Zirconium resists plaque, which keeps gums healthy and reduces the likelihood of gum inflammation after the procedure.
  • The ceramic material is biocompatible and rarely causes an allergic reaction, which can happen for some patients with titanium. Because of the improved biocompatibility, research suggests ceramic appears to induce less of an inflammatory response in comparison to titanium. This means faster healing.
  • Unlike titanium implants, zirconia implants are tooth-colored, so your gum line won’t look gray like it can with titanium. They are the best match for porcelain crowns and crowns that merge porcelain on the outside and zirconia as a base. Zirconia allows light to pass through, giving your tooth the natural transparency real teeth have. This is an effect that metal can’t achieve since it blocks the light.
  • These holistic dental implants are metal-free, so you don’t have to worry about galvanization, corrosion, a reaction to the metal or a metallic taste.
  • Zirconia is so strong and durable, it can withstand the pressure of the bite without fracturing or cracking. It’s ideal for replacing both anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Zirconia has been shown to create a superior soft tissue response. The gums will grow around the abutment and won’t recede as they sometimes can with titanium.
  • Zirconia has a very low thermal conductivity and the normal hot and cold sensations that can be felt with other materials don’t usually occur, improving comfort.

How Zirconia Dental Implants Work

The process for placing zirconia implants is the same as it is with titanium implants. You’ll meet with board-certified Naperville prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca. He’ll examine your mouth, review your medical history and take high-definition, 3D images using i-CAT™ technology. He’ll study your scans to see the exact location of your nerve canals and sinuses, as well as evaluate your tooth and bone structure. This will enable him to determine if you have enough bone density for implants or if bone grafting will be necessary. Dr. LaVacca will let you know if our Naperville zirconia implants are the best way to restore your smile. If they are, he’ll use the diagnostic information he gathered to map out the exact placement of the ceramic implants and present you with a treatment plan.
Dr. LaVacca has extensive post-graduate training in implant placement, so he’ll perform the entire procedure. First, the root form will be surgically placed in your jawbone beneath the gum line. He’ll attach a temporary replacement tooth that you’ll wear during the healing period. It usually takes two to six months for the jaw to fuse with the implant and heal completely. Once this happens, you’ll come back in and receive your custom, ceramic crown, which will be permanently secured to the ceramic implant, restoring your smile and quality of life.
If you’re interested in finding out if you’re a candidate for holistic dental implants, book a complimentary consultation at Naperville Dental Specialists right here online or by calling us at (630) 848-2010.


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