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Experts in Periodontal Health


The importance of having healthy gums and managing periodontal (gum) disease can’t be overstated. If you have moderate to severe periodontal disease or a complex medical history, a board-certified periodontist can provide the level of care and expertise you need. Our Naperville periodontist is a specialist in preventing, diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and oral inflammation. At Naperville Dental Specialists, we offer a full range of periodontal procedures to restore your oral health. To learn more, schedule an appointment with a periodontist online or by calling us at (630) 848-2010.

What to Expect at Your Periodontist Appointment

When you visit a periodontist at Naperville Dental Specialists, they’ll review your medical and dental histories and go over any medications you’re taking. They’ll perform a thorough oral exam to check for gum recession and loose teeth, while also evaluating how your bite comes together. The periodontist will then measure the depth of your gum pockets (the spaces between the teeth and gums) and may take digital x-rays to assess the condition of the bone under your gum line.

The periodontist will wrap up the appointment by walking you through your diagnosis, answering any questions you have and presenting you with a personalized periodontal treatment plan. Following any procedures, they’ll continue to partner with your general dentist to manage your long-term periodontal health. If periodontal surgery is necessary, or you’re anxious about treatment, we offer safe, in-office sedation, including oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia at our practice.

Periodontal Procedures

Our Naperville periodontist provides advanced, knowledgeable periodontal therapy using cutting-edge technology and tools. The periodontal treatments we offer include:

  • Connective Tissue Grafts and Free Gingival Grafts – gum grafting around teeth and implants
  • Soft Tissue Allografts – treating gum recession with donor tissue
  • Pedicle Grafts (lateral, double papilla) – moving patient’s own tissue to cover an exposed tooth root
  • Open Flap Debridement/Osseous Surgery
  • Peri-Implantitis Therapy (implantoplasty, chemical debridement, bone graft, etc.)
  • Dental Implant Placement (immediate, early or delayed)
  • Lateral Window Sinus Lift
  • Transcrestal/Vertical Sinus Lift
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration – bone grafting
  • Socket Grafting – bone grafting immediately after an extraction
  • Surgical and Non-Surgical Extractions
  • Canine Exposure – surgical exposure of impacted canine tooth
  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening
  • Functional Crown Lengthening
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Alveoplasty
  • Root Amputation

In Need of a Naperville Periodontist?

Since the health of your gums not only influences your smile, but also your overall health, getting the periodontal care you need is important. With general dentists, cosmetic dentists and specialists in one location at our practice, prioritizing your oral health has never been more convenient. Schedule your visit with a periodontist in Naperville, IL today online or by calling us at (630) 848-2010.


64.7 million American adults aged 30 and older have some form of periodontal disease.


Periodontists complete three years of speciality education after dental school.


Periodontal disease is more common in men than women (56.4% vs. 38.4% in Americans 30 and older).

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