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During certain procedures, such as a root canal or a filling, the dentist has to isolate the area they’re working on to keep it dry and visible. At some dental offices, this means having you bite on a rubber dental dam while a dental assistant mans a suction device. You’re left with an aching jaw and a flurry of hands in your mouth. For the dentist, it can be difficult to see clearly and procedures take more time. We don’t think this is the best approach and we’re all about creating an exceptional patient experience, which is why we use DryShield™ at Naperville Dental Specialists.

Dry Shield

DryShield is an innovative, all-in-one device that includes a comfortable mouthpiece and bite block, suction to remove saliva and water, a tongue shield and an oral pathway protector. It enables our dentists to work quickly and accurately. Since the device is hands-free, the dental assistant can multi-task and streamline the process. It ensures procedures are comfortable, fast and painless. You can get the care you need without any hassle.

A Perfect Fit

DryShield features a soft, silicone mouthpiece that comes in a variety of sizes. It contours perfectly to your mouth. The matching bite block gives you a firm place to rest your jaw so there’s no post-procedure aching and the dentist has full visibility.

Cheek Retraction

The device also has a cheek retractor to keep your cheeks out of the way and safe from injury. This further improves visibility for your dentist too.

Dry Shield

Hands-Free Suction

With continuous, strong, hands-free suction and holes and passageways in the mouthpiece, the device removes saliva and water. The dental assistant is free to multi-task and stay a few steps ahead for streamlined procedures and reduced chair time.


DryShield has a tongue and oral pathway protector. These features shield you from accidental injury and block particles and debris from entering your airway.

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