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Beautiful, Comfortable Dentures


Losing all of your teeth is stressful and, sometimes, the thought of needing complete dentures just adds to the anxiety. At Naperville Dental Specialists, we’re here to help. Dr. LaVacca and his team are experts in creating dentures in Naperville that are comfortable and natural looking. Read on to learn about the process or request an appointment with Dr. LaVacca online or by calling us at (630) 848-2010.


How it Works

People should see your smile as an expression of you, not as a set of dentures that could belong to anyone. That’s why, before your dentures are made, we’ll sit down with you to talk about your needs and goals. Using your input and his extensive training and experience in dental aesthetics, Dr. LaVacca will design removable complete dentures that complement your facial features and reflect your personality. You’ll try on a wax form of the dentures to see how the final product will look and feel. If you have any reservations or you’re not satisfied, they’ll be re-made on the wax form until you absolutely love your new smile.

If you’re afraid your dentures will slip or fall out, we also offer overdentures. With overdentures, as few as two implants can be surgically placed in your jawbone. Once you heal and the jawbone fuses around the implants, we secure your dentures to them to hold the dentures in place and further improve your comfort and function.

Your Naperville Dentures Options

If you’re interested in removable, complete dentures or overdentures, schedule an appointment online or by calling our office at (630) 848-2010. If you’d prefer to discuss your options first, request a free consultation, which will include an exam and complimentary panoramic x-ray. We’ll ensure you feel informed and confident about your treatment choices

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