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At Naperville Dental Specialists, we invest in the latest, proven technology for patient safety and comfort, as well as superior diagnostics and accuracy. By staying on top of innovations in dentistry, we can give every patient high quality care and fantastic results.

We utilize i-CAT® 3D imaging technology to take three-dimensional, high-definition x-rays for the most precise diagnostics and treatment planning possible.

Thanks to our iTero® digital scanner, you wont have to gag over putty and tray impressions. It allows us to create a computerized, 3D model of your mouth.

TRIOS® technology is an amazing imaging solution that we use for everything from designing custom restorations to planning dental implant procedures.

Since we have an in-house lab, in some cases, we can create and place your custom crowns and veneers in a single day, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

Our DIAGNOdent™ pen relies on light energy to identify cavities within the tooth’s structure. We can catch decay early, allowing for conservative treatment.

VELscope® uses blue-spectrum light to uncover oral abnormalities, including cancer and pre-cancerous lesions, before they’re visible to the naked eye.

Instead of uncomfortable bitewings, we use small, smooth, digital sensors for our intra-oral x-rays. We can capture images more comfortably and quickly.

The NOMAD handheld x-ray device combined with digital sensors takes x-rays in half the time, while emitting significantly less radiation.

We use the diode laser to painlessly perform a number of soft tissue procedures, ranging from removing excess gum tissue to disinfecting gum pockets.

Our Naperville dentists use DEXcam™ intra-oral cameras to show you exactly what we’re seeing, while also adding another layer to our diagnostics.

DryShield™ is an all-in-one tool with a bite block and mouthpiece, suction, tongue shield and oral pathway protector for more comfortable, efficient procedures.

When used as a companion to digital x-rays, DEXIS CariVu™ ensures the most accurate cavity detection possible without exposing you to additional radiation.

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