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Cutting-Edge, Custom Mouthguards as Unique as Your Smile

The Benefits of a GuardLab Custom Mouthguard:

  • Quick, convenient process with a digital scan and 3D technology for a more accurate, affordable mouthguard
  • A perfect fit for maximum comfort and easier breathing and speaking
  • Made with TRAUMASHIELD™, a material that’s 150% more shock absorbent, for protection against collisions and blows
  • Fully customizable – add colors, logos, text or designs
  • Uses ARC™ Technology, which is rooted in neuromuscular science and shown to improve athletic performance.

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    Want to protect your smile but frustrated by clunky, uncomfortable mouthguards?

    Love to play sports but feel like your mouthguard isn’t offering the protection it should?

    We have an alternative! My name is Dr. Anthony LaVacca of Naperville Dental Specialists and I’m a certified GuardLab dentist in Naperville. GuardLab is a revolutionary, custom mouthguard company that specializes in 3D technology and 3D printing to create the most accurate, comfortable, effective products.

    Growing up in a difficult neighborhood in New Jersey, I took up wrestling because it helped me release my pent-up energy. As a combination team sport and individual sport, it let me have complete control over winning or losing and I loved it. During my time as a wrestler in high school, I qualified for the state tournament. Then, I went to Rutgers University and qualified for the Division III National twice. At the end of my wrestling career, I also wrestled for the United States freestyle team in 1986.

    When wrestling was over, I started to miss the physical workouts, which led me into judo in Chicago. That came to a screeching halt when I began coming home with my face beat up. It’s difficult to treat patients when you’re covered in bruises. So, I found a way to combine my passion for sports with my love of dentistry. I became the team dentist for the Blackhawks hockey team, a position I held from 2004 to 2010.

    When I was with the Blackhawks, I realized how incredibly important mouthguards are and I studied how to fabricate the most comfortable, protective mouthguard possible. I actually made them myself. However, it was a long process and really time consuming. Yet, I did learn some valuable lessons; mainly that a properly fitted mouthguard needs to achieve three things: improve safety, protect the teeth and allow for proper airflow.

    When I discovered GuardLab, I was thrilled they had a product I could get behind. I’ve now partnered with them because their mouthguards encompass the above criteria. Having an intra-oral scanner allows me to take highly accurate digital impressions that GuardLab uses to design a perfect-fitting, aerodynamic mouthguard that offers the best in comfort and protection. I’m proud to be a Naperville GuardLab dentist because it allows me to do my part to protect smiles and improve safety to keep athletes of all ages safe!

    Book a free consultation to get your custom GuardLab mouthguard!



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    “I was fortunate to have Dr. Lavacca perform my first implant and it was completely painless, I would highly recommend him. His team of assistance including Becca was friendly, as well as efficient.”

    Michael H.

    “Since Dr. Anthony gave me my new smile, I often find myself standing in front of a mirror and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Thank you, Dr. LaVacca!”

    Amy N.

    “My teeth look perfect and I love how they feel! The procedure was easy, painless and way quicker than I expected it to be. Great experience!”

    Luke W.
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    Book a free consultation to get your custom GuardLab mouthguard!

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