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Pain after a white filling

By Fillings

About 7 months ago I had a silver filling replaced with a white filling. There was some sensitivity to the tooth afterward, but dentist said that is normal and it will get better in time. Now months later I can barely chew any food, including bread. Do you think I have an infection? Did the dentist do something wrong?

Cara C. from Minnesota.


Without examining you I couldn’t tell you if you have an infection, though I suspect you do. When the pain is sensitivity from a dental filling it gets better. It might take a while to get better, but it will progressively improve. What you describing is the pain worsening and that is often the sign of an infection.  While it is possible your dentist did something wrong, it is equally possible that you had an underlying infection under the filling and the additional work to the tooth added stress and it began showing the signs of its infection.  I would go back to your dentist and tell him what is going on. An x-ray should be able to show something after this many months with an infection.

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