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Partial Dentures

Can my partial denture be replaced with implants?

By Dental Implants, Partial Dentures

As a result of gum disease, I had two bottom front teeth removed. I am wearing a partial denture to replace the teeth. Even though I had gum disease, is it possible to get two dental implants so I can get rid of the partial denture? The partial is not comfortable. Besides that I am only 37 yrs old and the thought of wearing a denture is depressing. I regret having the teeth pulled. – Katie P

Katie – Severe gum disease cause teeth to become infected, and the result may be that the teeth must be extracted. Extraction can prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. Pulling the infected teeth was the best preventive measure for your adjacent teeth.

Bone grafting can build up your jawbone in the previously infected area so it will support dental implants. If you are not a candidate for bone grafting, a dental bridge might be an option for replacing your teeth. A dental bridge involves the missing teeth and the teeth on either side of them. The adjacent teeth have crowns placed on them and the replacement crown is suspended between them.

Consult with a credentialed implant dentist to discuss your options.

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