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Second Opinion

I should have listened to the Clear Choice reviews

By Second Opinion, Dental Implants

I want to let people know to be sure to read Clear Choice reviews for the office wherever they live. I know that all Clear Choice locations don’t have bad reviews but the one nearest me does and I should have listened. The reviews are accurate.

My experience has been horrible. I have lost $19,700 and I am left with an issue that is still unresolved. I am stressed about the amount of money it is going to cost to undo the damage. In November 2015 I decided to get implants to replace 3 decayed teeth. My dentist quoted me rates that I thought I could not afford. I had seen Clear Choice commercials before but really didn’t pay attention to them until one evening when I saw another commercial. I looked at review online and some were bad and others were good. I thought that’s normal especially for some customers who are impossible to please. I had a consultation at Clear Choice that I thought went pretty well and as expected, they asked me to pay up front. That’s what I read about in several of the reviews.

I got a loan with a moderate interest rate to make the down payment on the implants. I had the surgery but the implants are messing up my bite. Fortunately they are all on the same side of my mouth because the pressure of chewing sends pain throughout my jaw. Of course I contacted Clear Choice right away and an appointment was made. The dentist claimed he made an adjustment but I was still very uncomfortable. I gave it a week and called the office again. Another “adjustment” was made and I feel that the teeth are worse now than before. I don’t want to become obsessed with this, but I am certain that it feels worse. I called the office and didn’t get a return call back. So I went in person and after waiting about 30 minutes, someone came out to speak with me. I was offered an upgraded procedure for $8500. I am not a person who gets angry but the level of my fury was so bad that I felt like I would become violent so I left the office. I have called and asked to speak with my dentist, but he is always busy and I haven’t received a return call. Before I hire an attorney I wanted to contact a reputable implant office to find out how to handle this. Thank you.  – Dallas

Dallas – We are sorry to hear about the discomfort you are having with your implants and the difficulty getting a resolution. We suggest that you contact the Clear Choice corporate office and provide details along with dates of your attempts to contact your dentist. If the corporate office doesn’t offer to help, you can contact an attorney. It might be advisable to contact a consumer protection attorney anyway to ensure you correctly approach the issue with the corporate office. An attorney will also help you understand your rights.

Meanwhile, the issue with your implants needs to be corrected. If your bite is uneven, it can further jeopardize your oral health. It might be that your Clear Choice dentist doesn’t have the skill to find and correct the issue. We recommend that you schedule a second opinion with an experienced, board-certified prosthodontist. He or she can perform an independent exam and diagnostic studies to determine the cause of the discomfort in your implants and recommend treatment options.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist and implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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    How do I get a reliable second opinion after Clear Choice?

    By Second Opinion, Dental Implants

    How do I get a reliable second opinion after Clear Choice? I went to the Clear Choice dental implant center last week Tuesday and I can’t believe the quote I got for implants. I’m currently wearing complete dentures. $50,000! Is that a realistic quote? I was expecting much less particularly because all of my teeth have been extracted and this is Clear Choice after all. They do this all the time. Shouldn’t the rates be lower? – Gemma

    Gemma – Many people are surprised with the quote received from Clear Choice. Perhaps the marketing causes people to think that Clear Choice is more affordable. A free CT scan is offered, while the fee for it at most dental practices is hundreds of dollars. The thought of receiving the implants in one appointment is also appealing. Clear Choice has skilled implant dentists, and the high fees enable the company to hire the skilled staff.

    The technique that allows dental implants to be placed in one visit is called All-On-4. Implants are highly angled in the jawbone, which requires no bone grafting to support them. Treatment that requires bone grafting is comparable to the $50,000 fee that you were quoted. Although All-On-4 is riskier, it can be completed quickly, and it is quite profitable.

    Things to consider when seeking a Clear Choice second opinion

    • Find a credentialed and experienced implant dentist from whom you can receive a second opinion.
    • Don’t settle for whomever offers the lowest cost for implants, because that is often an indicator that shortcuts will be taken—and shortcuts can lead to serious mistakes that will cost you even more money.
    • Look for a board-certified prosthodontist or a dentist with fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

    The ultimate decision is yours; be sure to make an informed one. Read about how implant overdentures can secure your dentures with as few as two implants.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

    Will I have to keep replacing my dental implants?

    By Dental Implants, Second Opinion

    In 2012 I lost 3 teeth to gum disease. I had several deep cleanings and was able to have the teeth replaced with dental implants in early 2013. By the summer, my dental implants started to get loose. My dentist kept doing the deep cleanings but my June of 2014 all of the implants were lost. My dentist replaced the implants in 2015 but over the past 2 months I have noticed some loosening again. So am I going to have to get new implants every other year just because I have gum disease? If so, I just want to forget about this. The surgery, recovery, and healing periods take so long that just about when it’s done it’s time to get new implants again. Do I have other options, but not a partial denture? Elaine


    Your experience is alarming. We understand that it must be frustrating. You’re battling with gum disease, lost three teeth, as well as the implants that replaced them. You have advanced periodontal disease, that hasn’t been properly treating. The deep cleanings are clearly not enough. There are other ways to improve your the health of your gums that your dentist isn’t using, and perhaps is not aware of. We can’t say that your dentist is negligent, but you need the attention of a specialist.

    You should have been referred a periodontist—a specialist in the treatment of gum disease. Periodontal disease must be well controlled before you receive dental implants. If your gums and bone can’t support your natural teeth, neither can they support dental implants

    We recommend that you visit a prosthodontist for a second opinion, or ask your dentist to refer you to a periodontist. A periodontist will help you recover from gum disease. You shouldn’t receive new dental implants until the issue is addressed, and don’t allow anyone to try to convince you otherwise.

    This post is sponsored by board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

    Been to Clear Choice but getting 2nd opinion in Mexico

    By Second Opinion, Dental Implants

    2 months ago I got the expert advice of Clear Choice on dental implants. I told them up front that I am going to get a second opinion and the room went silent for about a minute. So I know there is no need to ask them for any additional information. I thought dentists or any real professional for that matter are supposed to welcome you to get a second opinion. I know things are a little different in Mexico but what should I look for to know if I am getting quality care? Thanks. Lil

    Lil – Getting dental work outside of the U.S. is tempting. When you get your second opinion for Clear Choice, you will find that the cost of dental implants in Mexico is less expensive. But it should be. Insurance, labor, lab costs, office leasing expenses, and more are less expensive in Mexico. But government regulations are less exacting too, which often translates into a decline in the quality of dental implants you receive.

    Dentists who complete their education in Mexico and desire to practice dentistry in the U.S. require an additional two years of dental school training in the U.S. They must also pass state and national board examinations.

    If you decide to receive dental implants abroad, consider the qualifications of the provider, including his or her training and experience. Ask for information on the type of implants that will be used, as well as the quality. Get information on follow-up appointments and how issues will be addressed if they occur after implant surgery and throughout the healing process.

    We recommend that you find a skilled implant dentist in your area from whom you can receive a second opinion. Cost of dental implants should be secondary to choosing quality treatment from a skilled implant dentist.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


    1 of my all on 4 implants is loose

    By All-on-4 Dental Implants, Dental Implants, Second Opinion

    I got all on 4 implants last October. 1 of the implants is loose. I know it because I feel the movement around it that I didn’t feel before. Is the All on 4 going to fail? Kyle

    Kyle – A loose All-On-4 implant doesn’t necessarily mean implant failure, but you do need to notify your implant dentist of the problem right away.

    There can be several causes of a loose implant. Some possible causes are listed below:

    1. Infection – Infection in the surround gum tissue or bone can cause implants to loosen.
    2. Failure of bone to fuse the implant (osseointegration) – If this fusion does not occur, dental implants will become lose. The implant can be removed, repositioned, if necessary, and replaced. Before it is replaced, your jawbone density will be reassessed to ensure proper placement. There are several things that can cause an implant not to fuse. A skilled implant dentist can identify the cause.
    3. Insufficient implants – In some cases, the load on the four implants is too heavy, putting the implants under stress. Additional implants may be needed to support your restoration.
    4. Improper hygiene – Poor oral hygiene, as well as smoking can delay or interfere with the healing process. Patients must be diligent about oral hygiene and avoid smoking during the entire healing process.

    An examination is required to determine the cause of the loose implant. You can consider receiving a second opinion on the cause of the loose implant and what needs to be done to correct it. If you choose to seek a second opinion, find a skilled implant dentist. A prosthodontist has two years of post-graduate training specific to the replacement and restoration of teeth. An experienced prosthodontist has placed many types of dental implants and will be able to discuss a variety of options for you.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

    Should I get a second opinion for Clear Choice implants that hurt or just have them removed?

    By Second Opinion

    Should I get a second opinion for Clear Choice implants that hurt or just have them removed?

    I have 3 dental implants. I got them in February of 2014. 1 had to be redone and it seems to be fine. The other 2 hurt. Not consistently, just on and off. The pain started in October. I told my dentist and he sent me back to the Clear Choice surgeon. The surgeon says everything looks okay and he is a little puzzled about why I have pain. He asked a lot of question that made me feel like he doesn’t believe it’s really hurting me. I am afraid of getting an infection and it will be bad before anybody does something about it. Does this sound like I just need to get the implants removed or should I get a second opinion? Thanks. Anthony W.

    Anthony – You definitely should seek a second opinion from a skilled implant dentist. It is possible that your bite needs to be adjusted, or the implant could be failing.

    A diagnostic study will help identify the problems. If the implants are failing, they will need to be removed and replaced. But don’t ask for them to be removed before you receive a second opinion.

    Try to find a board-certified prosthodontist—a dentist who specializes in the replacement and restoration of missing teeth. He or she will explain the cause of the problem and let you know your treatment options.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

    Should I get a second opinion after seeing Clear Choice?

    By Blog, Second Opinion

    I visited Clear Choice last week. I really like the doctor. What is didn’t like is the cost for my 3 implants. The cost is $2500 more than I had planned for my implant budget. They have a good reputation and my friend referred me to them. I am starting to get a little pressure from Clear Choice to schedule an appointment for the implants. I usually get a second opinion for any kind of surgery. Should I get a second opinion or can I trust them? J.

    J. – Whenever you are anticipating any type of surgery, including dental implant surgery, it is always good to receive a second opinion. But find an experienced, credentialed implant dentist for your second opinion.

    An exam and diagnostic studies are needed to determine whether you are a candidate for implants and which treatment will work best for your case.

    A second opinion will give you more confidence that you have made an informed decision about your implants.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony Lavacca.

    Should I get a second opinion on Clear Choice implants?

    By Blog, Second Opinion

    For the past 6 years I have worn a partial denture. It’s uncomfortable, ugly, and I am sick of it. My dentist told me he can get someone to do the implants for me. I also went to Clear Choice to see what they had to say about the implants. They said I have gum disease and they want to pull all of my lower teeth and replace them with implants. I was in shock trying to figure out how we got from two missing teeth to pulling all of the lower ones. With a price tag of $22k it is really outrageous. I am wondering if I have any other options. – Alec

    Alec – You are wise to seek another opinion, and if needed, a third opinion, until you are comfortable with your treatment options and the implant surgeon.

    You will need verification of the extent of periodontal disease that you may have. If it is progressive, it needs to be treated before you can receive dental implants. Most dentists will make the effort to save your natural teeth. Although dental implants are the most effective treatment for missing teeth, it is preferable to keep your natural teeth.

    When you receive a second opinion, you will likely be given multiple options for tooth placement. Be certain to find a skilled implant dentist for your second opinion before you begin treatment.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


    Second opinion for all on four from Clear Choice

    By Second Opinion, All-on-4 Dental Implants

    I know that dental implants are the best long term solution for my teeth but I just like to be sure that I am doing the right thing. I have read both positive and negative comments on ClearChoice so I want there for myself. I didn’t feel pressured by the sales person. I actually had a good experience. My only concern was that the dentist I saw recommended All on four for me which I really was not expecting at all. I had done my research in advance and I had pretty much decided that I didn’t want to go that route. I discussed my concerns about All on four with the dentist and he pretty much told me that I had nothing to worry about and that All on four was the best option for me. Maybe it was a mistake, but I asked if I could confer with a second ClearChoice dentist regarding his recommendation. He got on the defensive and said that any dentist anywhere would make the same recommendation and that there was no need for me to speak with anyone else. He wasn’t mean about it, but I could tell that he was somewhat offended by my question. Now I am wondering if I did the right thing. Your thoughts? Al B.

    Al – You went into the Clear Choice office with reservations about All-on-4 implants, so your concern is very understandable. Even if you had no prior concerns, your options and the pros and cons of each should be thoroughly explained to you.

    A second opinion is in order. Many patients and implant dentists have concerns about the reliability and durability of the All-on-4 process. An experienced implant dentist will be able to let you know if this treatment is really the best for you and explain why, if that’s the case.

    Since you did advance research on the procedure, you are no doubt aware of the jawbone shrinkage that can occur in the posterior area, and that a problem with one of the implants can affect the others and require the replacement of all four implants.

    A second opinion will ensure verify whether you have other options so that you can make a good decision for your treatment.

    This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

    Clear Choice dental implants second opinion

    By Second Opinion

    I need 5 new teeth. I am looking into clear choice for dental implant but I don’t know much about them. I am looking at reviews and they seem pretty good. Is Clear Choice really that good or should I go to a regular dentist? – Pete

    Pete – Clear Choice receives many positive reviews, but complaints are also received. Some patients are disappointed with the sales techniques and say that they feel pressured to make a decision. While some patients are very pleased with their implant dentist, other say the dentist is impersonal.

    If you decide to visit Clear Choice, we recommend that you receive a second opinion from an experienced implant dentist. Even if you choose not to go to Clear Choice, a second opinion is recommended. You will be able to compare the cost, the recommended treatment from each dentist, and the customer service. Write down your questions regarding the implants and record the responses.

    A comparison from at least two to three implant dentists will help you make an informed decision.

    This post is sponsored by board-certified prosthodontist and Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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