Lost filling and tooth cracked – best at home remedy for pain?

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The filling in one of my upper molars was probably 15 yrs old. I started to feel some sensitivity in the tooth about 4 months ago. 2 weeks ago the filling fell out and over the weekend the tooth cracked. I am terrified of the dentist. I don’t care a whole lot about the tooth because it’s in the back of my mouth. I just want to know what I can do about the pain at home so I can avoid the dentist. Ibuprofen is not working. – Tony

Tony – If over-the-counter medication is not alleviating your pain, you need to see a dentist. You can find a dentist who is gentle and who enjoys treating nervous patients.

If there is a problem with the tooth, your pain may increase. If the tooth is infected, other teeth may be affected and eventually cause you more pain.

Schedule an appointment with the dentist first to explain your anxiety. A dentist who treats fearful patients has techniques to help you relax. If necessary, sedation dentistry can be used to calm your fears.  It is important that you see a dentist promptly.

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Severe toothache but dentist says it’s fine. Am I crazy or is she?

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I had a mild toothache that started early this month. The pain increased significantly by mid-month so I made an appointment with my dentist. She examined the tooth, took an x-ray and said everything is fine. No prescription, no follow-up appointment, nothing. So I made a second appointment last week. When she came into the exam room and saw it was me again she shook her head and sighed. She said she would write me a prescription for pain but nothing is wrong with my tooth. So what is the prescription for? Anyway, I told her that I want to know what’s wrong with my tooth not get drugged up with pain meds. Well my tooth still hurts. Could she really think that I have a severe toothache and nothing at all is wrong? I know I’m not the crazy one. Appreciate your help. Tish

Tish – We are not certain why you received this response from your dentist. If you have severe lingering pain in your tooth, the tooth is likely infected and abscessed. An abscess is an infection at the root of your tooth. The infection needs to be cleaned out so it won’t continue to spread into the bone and beyond. Later, the tooth will be protected with a porcelain crown.

Make an appointment with another dentist. He or she will see you right away.

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Is it okay to get dental work done while I am pregnant?

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Hello. My baby is due in July. I need dental work done, but it is nothing critical. My dentist says that my pregnancy is not an issue. I won’t say that I don’t trust my dentist, but I don’t know him well. We recently moved from Ohio six months ago, so this is a new dentist for me. I just want to verify that there is no known problem with getting the work done at this stage of my pregnancy. Thank you. Rachel

Rachel – At this stage of your pregnancy, one of the biggest problems with getting dental work done is your comfort. You will be reclined, so you may experience discomfort during the treatment.

What type of dental work is being done? Have you been told how long the dental procedure will take?

Dental cleanings and exams during pregnancy should continue as normal. You want your teeth to be kept clean to reduce the chances of having tooth decay or gum disease. Dental x-rays and invasive dental treatment should be avoided.

If you are in pain with a toothache, or if there is an infection in your tooth, it should be treated promptly to stop the infection.

If you have the dental work done, consider bringing a pillow or whatever back support makes you comfortable. Speak with your dentist about any concerns you have about being comfortable. The staff will make the effort to get you as comfortable as possible.

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Could my toothache cause my cheek to swell?

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A toothache can cause swelling in your cheek if there is an abscess. When you have a tooth infection, a collection of infected material, or pus, can form in the middle of the tooth. This collection of infected material is called an abscess.

The abscess can spread into your jawbone and cheek. The infection will continue to spread until it’s treated, so recommend that you promptly make an appointment with your dentist. The tooth will likely require a root canal treatment.

If your tooth is weak or cracked, a crown may be used to protect it. But there is no need for concern about the crown. Porcelain crowns are made to have the characteristics and color of your natural teeth. You will be given a prescription of antibiotics to prevent further spread of the infection.

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