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Affordable Dental Implants

I Can Only Get Affordable Dental Implants If I Switch Dentists

By Affordable Dental Implants

It doesn’t make sense to me that the only way I can get affordable dental implants is to switch dentists. I’ve had this dentist for 17 years. You would think that after I got 3 other consultations from other dentists and told her their price that she would be willing to go down on her cost. I think it’s ridiculous. She keeps telling me I need 3 implants but she is the most expensive of the 4 dentists. The thought of going to another dentist is making me a little nervous because my dentist knows my history and I trust her. I just want to go elsewhere for implants and return to her for my normal dental work. Am I risking my chances of being able to return to her as a patient? Thanks Jonah



There are no requirements for you to get your dental implants from the dentist you’ve had for years, but you should ensure that you’re getting high-quality, affordable dental implants. Your dentist is more familiar with your medical and dental history, and that has it’s advantages.

Most dentists’ rates in a given city are usually comparable. If your dentist’s costs are significantly more, you should find out why. There are several possibilities:

  • The actual services included in the rates might differ. Ask each office for the details.
  • The quality and cost of the implant fixtures might be different.
  • The type of dental implants used might differ (e.g., mini vs. standard).
  • Some dentists might take more precautions with 3-D diagnostic studies, while others just take x-rays only.
  • A dentist might have superior training, including board certification, or fellowship or mastership in a highly respected implantology organization.

We encourage you to dig deeper to learn why your dentist’s costs are higher. Also consider how much higher they really are and if it’s worth switching. Regardless of the provider you choose, ensure he or she is highly trained and experienced in implant surgery. You should also check the training and skills of restoring dentist (for implant crown placement).

If you decide to choose someone other than your current dentist for more affordable dental implants, it’s likely that she will be happy to keep you as a patient for ongoing care.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


My dentist isn’t offering more affordable dental implants if they have to be redone

By Affordable Dental Implants

Shouldn’t I be offered more affordable dental implants if they have to be redone? I first got implants in July of last year. They didn’t heal right so my dentist said she has to do them over and I was quoted full price for the new set. This is three dental implants that I have to pay for all over again. I asked my dentist about it and she explained that the same things have to be done all over again that were done in the first place and on top of it all, she has to remove the old implants and she isn’t charging for that. This is beginning to sounds suspicious to me. Should I really have to pay for the implants to be redone? I’m not sure what went wrong anyway. Every time my dentist tries to explain it, it sounds like a bunch of garbage. I’m starting not to trust her. Thanks. Annette

Annette – The usual healing period for dental implants is 6-12 months after surgery. You’re still within the normal healing period, so if your dentist is saying your implants need to be redone, it’s your right as a patient to be told why. We understand that you’ve already spent a lot of money for the procedure and would want affordable dental implants, but don’t agree to having them replaced yet.

The cause of dental implant failure needs to be determined to prevent the same issue after you have them replaced. If your dentist is at fault, not only should you receive more affordable dental implants, you shouldn’t have to pay at all to have them replaced. But be cautious about having your current dentist do the work.

Before You Ask for More Affordable Dental Implants

Before you ask your dentist to replace your dental implants for a lower fee, we suggest the following:

  • Ask your dentist why your dental implants need to be replaced. Listen carefully to her explanation, and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
  • Before you have the implants redone, get a second opinion from an experienced implant surgeon or prosthodontist. It’s unclear what went wrong, so please schedule an appointment for an examination and diagnostic studies to help determine the real issue.
  • We recommend that you not move forward with replacing the dental implants without knowing what went wrong and how the problem can be avoided in the future.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


My affordable dental implant is crooked. Shouldn’t it be redone?

By Affordable Dental Implants

I got an affordable dental implant and it’s crooked. This implant wasn’t cheap but it was more affordable than implants from most of the other dentists I contacted. I didn’t go with the cheapest one because I was afraid that it wouldn’t really be any good. So the surgery was done in February but the implant is crooked. I didn’t notice myself that the implant is crooked but I started feeling pain in the tooth in front of it. It was more like a toothache. I went to my dentist and he did an x-ray. He said it looks like his partner put the implant in at a slight tilt. I’m not sure why my dentist didn’t notice it because he put the crown on himself. Anyway I’m still having pain. So far, nothing has been done yet. My dentist says he needs to talk with his partner. I’m not sure what a discussion would be about. If the thing is tilted and the tooth in front of it hurts, the only thing that makes sense to me is that it needs to be taken out and put in the right space. It’s not an affordable dental implant anymore because it has cost me a lot of time and money taking off work and going back and forth to the dentist, and it’s not even fixed yet. Shouldn’t it be redone? Thanks Reilly

Reilly – You’re right. Your affordable dental implant needs to be removed and replaced. Insufficient training in implantology can result in improper placement.

You should choose your implant surgeon carefully. There is a multi-step process for a successful outcome.

Three-dimensional x-rays – The diagnostic studies will help to determine if the issue was a misjudgment of where the implant should be placed or if there is inadequate jawbone density to support the implant. Lack of jawbone density will cause the implant to shift.

Surgical removal of the implant – Your implant needs to be carefully removed to prevent nerve damage or damage to nearby teeth.

Implant replacement – The extraction site will need to heal. You might require bone grafting to support the implant. If you need bone grafting, it will need to heal and bond to your natural bone before the replacing the implant fixture. Your new dental implant will need to be placed with precision.

We suggest that you schedule a consultation with board-certified prosthodontist. Prosthodontists are specialists in tooth restoration and replacement. You can receive an accurate diagnosis and learn about your treatment options. Affordable dental implants don’t have to be problematic. But you must carefully choose the right provider.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

Do affordable dental implants need veneers to look good?

By Affordable Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers

I’ve been saving for affordable dental implants because since 2002 I’ve been wearing a partial denture 2 missing top right teeth and it is very uncomfortable. My cousin is a dental hygienist and she suggested that I look into dental implants. That was 3 yrs ago. When I found out the cost of implants I knew I couldn’t do anything about the partial so I saved up for it. I found a dentist who supposedly offers affordable implants but now I’m beginning to wonder about him. I had consultations with 3 different dentists like my cousin advised me. I chose this dentist because he is personable and explained everything so clearly to me. Last week I went into the office to get digital x-rays. The dentist told me everything looks good and I am eligible to get implants. Then he started talking about my need to have porcelain veneers on the teeth on the left and right of the implants. He said that to get the teeth to match the implants I need veneers. I thought implants would be made to match my natural teeth. Now I’m getting nervous about the cost and I don’t want veneers anyway. Is it normal protocol to need veneers so the implants match my teeth? Thank you. Jovana


Unfortunately, we have to recommend that you see a different dentist for affordable dental implants. It is not normal for a dentist to recommend porcelain veneers to ensure your dental implants match the teeth on either side of them.

It sounds like your dentist might not have cosmetic dentistry training and is not confident that he can provide you with implants that match your natural teeth. Either he doesn’t have the skill to provide you with natural-looking results, or he is trying to increase his profit on your case.

Do any of the dentists with whom you had consultations also have training in cosmetic dentistry? If so, visit one of them again to get more information on their recommendations for your implants. If you were really dissatisfied with the other two dentists, we suggest that you find two more dentists who offer affordable dental implants.

Your priority should be quality implant placement and results that look good. It’s possible that to get affordable dental implants, financing or a payment plan might be your best option. It’s better to ensure you get quality dental care than for it to be the cheapest option available with a poor outcome.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

How often do affordable dental implants go bad?

By Affordable Dental Implants

I have family that lives in California and they are about a 3 to 4 hour drive from Mexico. Several of their friends go over to Mexico for affordable dental implants. They don’t all see the same dentist but I have been told that it’s easy to find a dentist who is U.S. trained and fluent in English. I visit my family every other year so I have met 2 of their friend who got dental implants for a less than half of what they cost in the U.S. I was ready to schedule an appointment but last week when I spoke with my cousin to schedule a time to fly out and visit, she mentioned that one of their friends is starting to have problems with his implant. It’s infected and his face is swollen. Now I am getting a little nervous, but as my cousin mentioned, the same thing could happen to a patient in the U.S. or anywhere else for all that matters. How do I know that the other people who seemed to have successful dental implants won’t start having problems, too? Is it common to have to replace dental implants?  How often do affordable dental implants go bad? Thanks ~ Dayo


When you are looking for options to make dental implants affordable and are considering options outside of the U.S., you have to consider the risks involved.

The U.S. regulates health care providers and medical devices. It’s a precaution that makes dental implants in the U.S. more expensive than other countries. U.S. providers need insurance, and they are accountable to a medical board. In certain countries, including Mexico, there are fewer regulations and greater risks. If something goes wrong, you’re on your own.

High-quality dental implants require careful planning, a lot of skill, and quality implant fixtures. Dental implants have a 98% success rate, but a wise patient doesn’t want to introduce variables that could reduce the rate of success.

We don’t know the reason for the implant failure of the person in Mexico whom you’ve mentioned. An implant infection could be related to the implant fixtures, the skill of the surgeon, or even a patient who isn’t a good candidate for implants.

We highly recommend that you find a few skilled prosthodontists in your area and request a consultation. A prosthodontist will discuss your options for affordable dental implants and let you know what you expect with of them. You will be given information on financing, payment plans, and where possible, doing the work in phases. Affordable dental implants from a skilled provider will last. Insist on quality.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and American board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.



What to avoid when looking for affordable dental implants

By Affordable Dental Implants, Prosthodontist

I am looking for affordable dental implants, but I know I want them from a dentist in the U.S. My cousin is 4 years older than me and she lives in California. Since Mexico is close, earlier this year, she went there for dental implants. She found a dentist who was U.S. trained. She spent a year with the process of going back and forth for follow-up appointments, and everything went well. She really liked the dentist too. Her implants look great and she saved $3000 over the cost of getting them in the U.S. When I spoke with her last month, she said she is having trouble with one of the implants. She had been back to Mexico trying to get it straight. She still likes the dentist but she is worried that she will need to get a second opinion because she has pain and swelling around the implant. The dentist in Mexico is talking about taking out the implant and starting all over again. Since I am looking for affordable dental implants I don’t want to make the same mistake, even with a U.S. dentist. What should I look for or ask about to make sure I am not getting cheap implants? Thanks Antoinette

You are wise to insist on getting affordable dental implants from a dentist in the U.S. The regulations for implant surgery and materials are much high than many countries. U.S. implant dentists also have to purchase insurance. Those are some of the reasons that U.S. costs are higher.

In many countries, including Mexico, your dental implants are not regulated. The contract will be between you and your doctor. If you have problems, you might have little recourse, and have to follow-up with an implant dentist in the U.S.

Successful dental implants require quality implant fixtures and the skill of a highly trained implant dentist. The success of your dental implants, in part, depends on those factors. So as you start seeking an implant dentist, check his or her credentials first. The skill of the dentist should be your primary concern. A conscientious implant dentist will use high-quality fixtures.

Dental implants require a great deal of skill as well, and that has a major impact on how well they perform. Overall, they have about a 98% success rate, but doctors with more experience deliver better results.

Find two or three skilled dentists, compare their credentials, and compare the costs for implants. In that sense, you can find the dentist who provides the most affordable dental implants. Financing and payment plans might also be available to meet your budget.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and American board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

Is it okay to switch dentists to get dental implants I can afford?

By Affordable Dental Implants, Dental Implants

I have a really good dentist that I’ve been a patient of for about 8 years. I have no complaints about him at all. His prices are typically higher than other dentists and sometimes I have out of pocket costs. I have not minded this at all because I have lived in 6 different states and this is the best dentist out of all of them. He was referred to me by co-workers and people at my church so he has an excellent reputation. The issue is that I have 3 missing teeth. Dental implants are the only treatment I am willing to receive so anything else is not an option. The cost for dental implants from my dentist is $1682 more than the highest estimate I received from 3 other dentists. That is a lot of money. Usually I would not let another dentist do the work, but $1682 is a huge difference. Now I am at a crossroads of thinking about switching dentist go get implants I can afford. I know his fees are higher like I said, but I wasn’t expecting such a huge difference. I just need some advice. Would there be any harm in switching to another dentist just for the implants? I want to keep my dentist but I just cannot afford to get implants from him. Thanks. J.E.

J.E. – Before you make the switch, be sure that you understand why the cost of dental implants from the other dentists seems to be more affordable.

Have you been able to make a line-by-line comparison of what each dentist’s fees include? Implant fixtures, surgery, bone grafting, dental crowns, local anesthesia, and more, factor into the cost of dental implants. Also the quality of materials used will determine the cost. Dental implants that seem to be affordable may actually be lower in quality.

Ensure you know what each dentist is including, and is not including, in the estimate for dental implants. Also consider the skill of the other dentists. Do they have as much experience as your dentist? What are the patient outcomes for the other dentists?

Be certain to make a well-informed decision about affordable dental implants before you switch providers.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

Can You Get Affordable Dental Implants at a School for Dentists?

By Affordable Dental Implants

For years I have been saving for dental implants. I’ve had some unpredictable employment issues lately and have been forced to save more money for family emergencies than I have been able to save for dental implants. So now I am exploring other ways to get implants. Most recently I have been checking into dental schools. I know the schools are regulated and students have to meet some hefty criteria and the work is checked by instructors, so I figure this is a safe controlled environment for me to get dental implants. I am just wondering if implants from a dental school are affordable. – Edmond T.


Edmond – Much of the success of dental implants depends on the skill of the implant dentist. Skilled practitioners have a 90% success rate. There is insufficient information on the success of implants that are placed by dental students.

While dental students are supervised by their instructors, they are not skilled implant dentists. The results you will receive are unpredictable. Students are still learning and although guided by an experienced dentist, they can make mistakes. Dental implant treatment is one aspect of oral health where mistakes can be costly and take months to correct.

If you select a dental school for your implants, keep in mind that your provider will be less experienced, which can increase the risk of difficulty in implant placement and healing. Thoroughly check for information on the reputation of the dental school and its implantology program before you make a decision.

Consider checking with credentialed prosthodontists in your area to find out how they make implants affordable for patients. At times work can be completed in phases. Financing and payment plans may also be available.

A discount on implants is not worth the risk. Insist on quality care from a skilled implant dentist.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

What are my options until I can afford dental implants?

By Affordable Dental Implants, Cosmetic Procedures

I had a 2nd root canals on 2 different teeth on the same day. I think my dentist didn’t know what she was doing so she messed up both teeth and make them weak. 3 weeks after the root canals my teeth, face and eyes started hurting horribly. I was sick to my stomach. I had to go back to the dentist’s office and as soon as she started working on the first tooth, she said it cracked. I asked her to stop working on my teeth and I left the office. My wife made some calls for me and I immediately went to an endodontist who had to extract both teeth and is recommending dental implants. I have 2 missing teeth and certainly was not planning on spending thousands of dollars on dental implants. I am wondering what my options are until I can afford dental implants, because I kind of felt like the endo was just pushing implants. Thanks Gerard.

Gerard – An endodontist specializes in tooth replacement with dental implants, and dental implants are the most effective means of replacing missing teeth. So naturally, the specialist would recommend the healthiest and most effective option for replacing your teeth.

A dental bridge can replace the white portion, or biting surface, of your missing teeth, but since it won’t replace the tooth roots, your jawbone will begin to shrink where teeth are missing.

It is possible that your dental implant placement can be done in two phases. One tooth can be replaced, and after you pay for that implant, work can start on the second implant. The phased treatment can make the implants more affordable.

Another alternative is to consider no-interest financing based on your budget. This allows you to receive both implants with scheduled payments.

Speak with the financial representative at the specialist’s office to learn more about your options. Also, as with any surgery, it’s good to seek a second opinion from another specialist—a prosthodontist or an endodontist—to discuss your options.

Of course, the final choice is yours, and if you definitely not interested in implants at this time, be sure to find an artistic cosmetic dentist or prosthodontist who can provide you with a natural-looking dental bridge.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

3 implants failed. How do I know if my dentist used cheap implants?

By Affordable Dental Implants, Dental Implant Failure, Dental Implants

I received 4 dental implants in March of this year. Everything seems to be going okay in June. I noticed some swelling and pain in 3 of them. I scheduled several appointments with my dentist who explained it away by saying sometimes the healing takes longer for some patients than others. This month the implants are starting to get loose and my dentist decided that they are going to fail. Before things got worse, he recommended that they all be removed. The explanation I was given was that for some reason my body is rejecting the implants. I am not sure that there is a basis for this explanation. How do I know if my body is really rejecting the implants? Could it be that cheap implants were used? How can I tell? Thank you. – Andrius

Andrius- You won’t be able to tell if substandard implant fixtures were used. Nor can you determine if your body is rejecting the implants. You need a second opinion—and perhaps a third opinion—from a skilled, experienced implant dentist.

You should request copies of your dental records, including diagnostic studies. The dentist(s) from whom you receive a second or third opinion will use the information, in addition to an exam of your fixtures and the implant sites, to determine why your implants have failed. If necessary, new 3-D x-rays will be taken.

The implant placement, implant fixtures, or your body’s reaction to the implants may be a cause of the failure. Lack of bone density, improper maintenance, smoking, and periodontal (gum) disease can also cause failure. But to be certain of the reason for your case, investigation is needed.

Don’t delay getting the second or third opinions. An infection will worsen until it is treated. If you are still eligible to receive dental implants, after the failed fixtures are removed, there will be a healing period before they can be replaced.

This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


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