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I am having severe pain after 2 teeth were pulled

By Teeth Extraction

Hi. I had 2 teeth pulled yesterday, lower left molars. I haven’t decided how I want to replace them, though. My dentist said that there would not be much pain afterward, but if I felt pain to take ibuprofen. My pain is extreme and ibuprofen is not helping. It hurts to talk, open my mouth or chew. Does it sound like something went wrong with the procedure? – Thanks. Thomas C.

Thomas – Your description of the pain you’re experience doesn’t sound very unusual. There can be trauma with tooth extraction, and the pain can be severe.

Your expectations, based on what your dentist told you, were much different than what you are actually experiencing. Some dentists let their patients know the worst that can happen, while others only tell you the mildest experience you might have after an extraction.

It’s best to call your dentist and let him or her know about the severe pain you are experiencing. You may need to see your dentist again. Or antibiotics or pain-relief medication may be prescribed.

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