What’s the best way to store our toothbrushes?

By September 29, 2014 November 30th, 2018 General Dentistry

My boyfriend bought some of those plastic toothbrush cases to keep our toothbrushes in, but I notice that they feel soggy in the morning. I always kept my toothbrush upside down in Listerine overnight. My mom keeps hers in a toothbrush holder and lets it dry, but to me, there are too many gross bathroom germs to do that. What’s the best way to store our toothbrushes? Thanks Lucee

Lucee – After you use your toothbrush, you should thoroughly rinse it with water to remove food debris and excess toothpaste.

Letting a toothbrush air dry prevents bacteria growth that would otherwise occur if it stays covered. They should not remain covered or be stored in a closed container. And to avoid cross contamination, toothbrushes should not be stored in close proximity in an open container or stand. Soaking a toothbrush in antibacterial mouth rinse, as you do, decreases bacteria growth.

Even if a toothbrush is regularly sanitized, it should be replaced about every three months. Worn bristles do not clean teeth effectively.

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