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33 yr old adult with primary teeth

By July 30, 2014December 3rd, 2018General Dentistry

I am 33 yrs old but I still have 3 primary teeth. They are an incisor on the right and the 2 teeth behind the incisor. If I want adult sized teeth for these three places, do I have to get them pulled and replaced with dental implants? DeAnna

DeAnna – In some cases, smaller teeth in adults are permanent teeth that are smaller than normal. Porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns can be used to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

At times, permanent teeth are impacted below the primary teeth. An x-ray will reveal whether or not the teeth are impacted. Impacted primary teeth can be removed, and the permanent teeth can be exposed so that they will erupt.

Removing the primary teeth and replacing them with dental implants is another possibility. Schedule an appointment with a credentialed implant dentist. He or she will take diagnostic studies of your teeth and let you know your treatment options.

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