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5 of Our Favorite Recent Advances in Dental Technology and Techniques  

By December 9, 2019October 20th, 2023Blog


Dental technology and techniques have come a long way over the last decade, particularly when it comes to adult dentistry. At Naperville Dental Specialists, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of these advances. After all, our goal is to offer our patients the best possible diagnostics, allowing us to avoid problems altogether. When a patient does have an issue, we’re able to treat it comfortably, quickly and effectively and ensure the results look stunning. While there are so many advances in dentistry that have revolutionized the way we practice, here are five that we consider among our top favorites.

 1. Digital Scanning and CAD/CAM Software

In the past, when the dentist needed to get impressions of your teeth, the process involved you biting into a putty-filled tray and holding it in your mouth while you tried not to gag. In fact, some practices still use this method. Naperville Dental Specialists is an impression-free office thanks to our iTero® and TRIOS® digital scanners. We use the small, handheld wands to take quick, comfortable scans of your teeth and gums. A 3D computerized model of your dental anatomy is created and we can use it to plan out your treatment right on our screen. It’s less invasive, faster and a whole lot more accurate.

The iTero and 3Shape TRIOS systems have CAD/CAM software, which is where dentistry meets engineering. We use the software to design custom restorations and create precise surgical guides for dental implant procedures. With the software, we’re able to offer treatments like Teeth-in-a-Day® and All-on-4® dental implants. This means, when you come to us for dental implants, you may be able to leave the office the same day with a new smile. Additionally, because we have an in-house digital lab and mill crowns and veneers from your digital scans, we also offer same-day crowns and veneers.

2. All-on-4 Dental Implants

Our Naperville All-on-4 dental implants are a popular option with our patients and the treatment is a game-changer in implant dentistry. The technique was developed by Portuguese dentist Dr. Palo Malo and is trademarked by Nobel Biocare. With the procedure, Dr. LaVacca can replace all of the teeth in one or both arches with just four dental implants per arch and without bone grafting, even in patients with low jawbone density. The implants are angled and surgically implanted in the posterior of the jawbone, which gives the prosthetic teeth secure support. We can often complete the procedure in a single day so you won’t have to revitalize your smile in phases. It’s less costly and quicker than implant procedures that require bone grafting.

3. Zirconia Dental Implants

Another of our favorite of the latest advances in dentistry are zirconia dental implants, sometimes referred to as ceramic dental implants or holistic dental implants. They’re a metal-free option for replacing missing teeth. While titanium was the most common material for dental implants and it’s still excellent, zirconia does have improved biocompatibility and there’s no chance of having an allergic reaction, galvanization or chemical leaching, making it the safest and healthiest choice. Zirconia implants are also more aesthetic since they’re white and you don’t get a gray cast along the gum line like you can with titanium implants. Zirconia resists plaque, which helps keep gums healthier and reduces post-procedure inflammation. 

4. VELscope®

VELscope is a potentially life-saving dental technology that we offer at Naperville Dental Specialists. The handheld device emits blue-spectrum light that can reveal oral abnormalities before they’re visible to the naked eye. It can detect things like cancer and pre-cancerous lesions, infection, trauma, side effects from medication, chemical irritation and other conditions, which all stand out against healthy tissue. We use it to perform comfortable, quick oral cancer screenings. It allows for early detection while lesions are treatable and still localized, which greatly improves the chances that oral cancer treatment will be successful. The blue-spectrum light is safe and the device doesn’t emit any radiation.

5. ICON Infiltration Technique

Last, but not least, on our list of our favorite dental technology, is ICON Caries Infiltrant. White spots on teeth, such as those due to braces treatment, early tooth decay or fluorosis, have been notoriously difficult to get rid of. Well, not any more. We can now eliminate white spots on teeth in a single session without the need for injections or drilling. We apply the ICON Caries Infiltrant, a fluid resin, to the white spot and it enters the tooth’s pore system, filling it and stopping cavity-causing acids from getting through. This lets us preserve the tooth’s structure, while also blending white spots in with the healthy enamel so they’re no longer visible. It’s completely painless and highly effective.

Of course, we also have to give honorable mentions to some of the other amazing dental technology that we offer at our practice, including DIAGNOdent™, i-CAT® and our intraoral cameras, to name a few. By investing in proven, new advances in dentistry, we’re able to offer the highest quality of care to our patients. If you’re interested in general, cosmetic or implant dentistry with a technology-led approach, contact Naperville Dental Specialists today online or by giving us a call at (630) 848-2010.

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