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Advice on getting All on 4 in Cancun

By February 11, 2016December 3rd, 2018All-on-4 Dental Implants

Something has to be done with my dentures. My son warned me about this in a nice way before I ever received dentures. Gum disease got the best of my teeth and the few I had left were pulled in January of 2014. I think my jawbone must have been bad before I ever got dentures because I had so many teeth missing. Now I need implants and am pretty much leaning toward All on 4. My dentist referred me to a surgeon and I saw another implant dentist and Clear Choice on my own. Last week I just happened to see a website from Cancun that lets me save more than half the cost of the implants here. That price includes everything, dentures and all. Even after travel and hotel I am still saving big bucks. I would really like to see these Cancun implant dentists in person though and maybe get second and third opinions from them. Can you recommend 2 more? – Earl

Earl – We are unable to recommend All-On-4 implant dentists outside the U.S. We recommend that you find a reliable way to experience, credentials, and education for each of the dentists in Mexico. Don’t depend on a website to give you the real facts.

Keep in mind that to ensure proper healing, all dental implants require multiple follow-up appointments during the weeks and months after surgery. Your dentists needs to check the implants, your gums, and jawbone for proper healing and any signs of complications. Will you return to Cancun for those follow-up appointments, or depend on a U.S. dentist for them? Most dental implants surgeries from a qualified surgeon are successful. If unanticipated problems arise, are you prepared to extend your stay or return to Mexico to see your dentist there?

The immediate dentures you receive when All-On-4 is first placed are not your permanent dentures. After the healing period, impressions will be taken to ensure your permanent dentures fit correctly. The new dentures will be secured to the implants. Another visit to the country where the implants are placed will be required.

We recommend that you factor in travel expenses for multiple follow-up appointments, an extended stay, or incidentals that may come up during or after the implant surgery. Specifically ask each dentist how many follow-up appointments are required. Remember that those appointments are estimates, provided everything goes well.

Carefully weigh the complete cost, as well as your pros and cons before you make a final decision.

This post is sponsored by board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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