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Affordable dental implants don’t fit my dentures

By October 29, 2017July 23rd, 2018Affordable Implant Dentistry

I found a dentist for affordable dental implants for my dentures. After 12 years of pop-up dentures I couldn’t take it anymore. The dentist I had been seeing charged $700 more for the implants than my current dentist. I switched to the cheaper dentist but that was a huge mistake. It was August when I receive the affordable dental implants. My dentist snapped my dentures onto the implants but even he admitted he had trouble doing it. I’m very concerned about keeping my mouth and dentures clean, but whenever I take the dentures out I can’t get them back in. Honestly I can’t count how many times I’ve gone back into the dental office just to have my dentures put back on the implants. Even the hygienist can’t get them back on. I’ve noticed my dentist using some sort of tool to wedge between the denture and my jawbone, but of course I don’t have a tool like that at home. Last week I realized that the real issue is that the affordable dental implants just don’t fit my dentures. I’m sure my dentist knows it but doesn’t want to admit it. How do I handle this? K.L.


We are sorry to hear about the difficulty you’re having with your implant dentures. You should be able to snap them on and off to clean them. Your suspicion about the improper fit of your affordable dental implants and your dentures might be correct. Well-planned and well-placed dental implants for dentures don’t result in the problems you describe.

When Affordable Dental Implants and Dentures Don’t Fit Together

  • You can start by scheduling an appointment with your dentist. Speak with him about your concerns with having dentures that won’t snap onto the implants without going into the dental office. It’s really unacceptable.
  • Your dentist should willingly offer to identify the issue and correct it at no charge to you. If your dentist isn’t willing to admit there is a problem—and if he doesn’t offer to correct it—schedule an appointment for a consultation with another implant dentist.
  • It’s possible that a new denture base can be made to snap onto the implants, or new dentures might be needed. It is possible, but less likely, that your dental implants were incorrectly placed.

The issue needs to be corrected to prevent excessive pressure on the dental implants as they are forced on or off. The implant sites can become irritated if they are repeatedly jolted so your dentures fit on them.

Schedule a consultation with a board-certified prosthodontist.


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