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I Can Only Get Affordable Dental Implants If I Switch Dentists

By June 22, 2017November 30th, 2018Affordable Dental Implants

It doesn’t make sense to me that the only way I can get affordable dental implants is to switch dentists. I’ve had this dentist for 17 years. You would think that after I got 3 other consultations from other dentists and told her their price that she would be willing to go down on her cost. I think it’s ridiculous. She keeps telling me I need 3 implants but she is the most expensive of the 4 dentists. The thought of going to another dentist is making me a little nervous because my dentist knows my history and I trust her. I just want to go elsewhere for implants and return to her for my normal dental work. Am I risking my chances of being able to return to her as a patient? Thanks Jonah



There are no requirements for you to get your dental implants from the dentist you’ve had for years, but you should ensure that you’re getting high-quality, affordable dental implants. Your dentist is more familiar with your medical and dental history, and that has it’s advantages.

Most dentists’ rates in a given city are usually comparable. If your dentist’s costs are significantly more, you should find out why. There are several possibilities:

  • The actual services included in the rates might differ. Ask each office for the details.
  • The quality and cost of the implant fixtures might be different.
  • The type of dental implants used might differ (e.g., mini vs. standard).
  • Some dentists might take more precautions with 3-D diagnostic studies, while others just take x-rays only.
  • A dentist might have superior training, including board certification, or fellowship or mastership in a highly respected implantology organization.

We encourage you to dig deeper to learn why your dentist’s costs are higher. Also consider how much higher they really are and if it’s worth switching. Regardless of the provider you choose, ensure he or she is highly trained and experienced in implant surgery. You should also check the training and skills of restoring dentist (for implant crown placement).

If you decide to choose someone other than your current dentist for more affordable dental implants, it’s likely that she will be happy to keep you as a patient for ongoing care.

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