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All-on-4 dental implants and metal sensitivities

By September 25, 2016December 3rd, 2018All-on-4 Dental Implants

I have severe metal allergies. Is it safe for me to have all on 4 done? My allergies developed within the past 5 years. I had to stop wearing jewelry because of it. All on 4 sounds good to me because I cannot afford to get an implant for every tooth that needs to be replaced. Also I want my denture to be secure and not floating around in my mouth or clacking. I have several relatives who wear dentures and they only have bad stories about them. I hope all on 4 is the answer but I do need information on the metal issue. My dentist said that she doesn’t think it would be a problem, but that isn’t a definite answer. Do patients with metal allergies get all on 4? Thanks BJ

BJ – People who have metal sensitivities or allergies usually don’t have a reaction to all types of metal. Your inability to wear jewelry indicates that you have nickel sensitivity. You might know other metals that cause sensitivity or an adverse reaction.

Dental implants for All-on-4 and other techniques are usually made of titanium. Some implant fixtures are made of titanium alloy, which includes other metals, and possibly nickel.

The first step is to find out if you are a candidate for the All-on-4 procedure. Not everyone can receive this treatment. Be certain to receive an examination from a highly skilled implant dentist who is experienced in using different types of implant fixtures and different types of implant procedures. Tell the dentist about your metal sensitivity.

He or she will select dental implant fixtures—whether it’s for All-On-4 or a different procedure—that don’t contain metals that cause an adverse reaction.

If you are unsure of which metals you are sensitive to, schedule an appointment with an allergist for testing. It is best to identify what causes the reaction to ensure you receive dental implants that are safe for you. If a particular metal causes a reaction and you receive implant fixtures that contain that metal, it will make it difficult for your implants to heal properly. If you qualify for All-on-4 and have a reaction to the metal, one or all of the implants can fail.

Your allergist and implant dentist can work together to help achieve a successful outcome.

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