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Looking for alternatives to dentures including a snap on smile

By May 15, 2018August 9th, 2023Dentures

I have 4 upper teeth and 3 bottom teeth left. I don’t want dentures. Everyone that I know who wears dentures hates them. Plus they look bad. The teeth look like white plastic and the gums look like dark plastic. It is interesting to me that as long as dentures have been around that they still look unsightly. I’ve been looking into alternatives to dentures that might look more natural. Can I get a snap on smile instead? I think it will look better than false teeth. – Ephraim

Ephraim – Dentures vary in quality. The prosthesis you have described are likely budget dentures. They are the least expensive and least natural-looking dentures available. But for people with a limited budget, this is an option that is better than having all of your teeth missing. It enables people to chew and to smile with more confidence than having no teeth at all.

Dentures vs. Snap-On Smile

There are several characteristics of a Snap-On Smile that make it an unsuitable alternative to dentures:

  • It is designed to snap over your natural teeth, and your teeth keep it in place. If all, or most, of your teeth are missing, the appliance will easily dislodge.
  • It is temporary. If you wear it daily, it will wear out very quickly and need to be replaced.
  • Without the support of your natural teeth beneath the Snap-On Smile, you will have difficulty chewing. And as we mentioned, it will be almost impossible to keep it in your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentures

You can get comfortable cosmetic dentures that are made of high-quality materials and look natural. A prosthodontist will provide you with customized dentures that fit well. They will look much better than a Snap-On Smile.

A prosthodontist has at least two years of post-dental school training in replacing and restoring teeth. You will be included in the process of designing dentures that like your natural smile. They will compliment your facial features and be an expression of your personality.

If it’s within your budget, you can consider securing your dentures with dental implants. The implants will prevent your dentures for from slipping. Implant overdentures may fit over the remaining natural teeth that you have left, if the teeth are healthy.

Request a consultation with a prosthodontist to learn about cosmetic dentures and your options for stabilizing them.

This post is sponsored by award-winning prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca of Naperville.

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