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Looking for a BYOI dentist for implants

By November 20, 2015December 3rd, 2018Affordable Dental Implants, Dental Implants

On and off for the past 2 months I have been looking for a BYOI dentist who will install dental implants that I will purchase. I don’t want to do anything crazy like go to Mexico for implants but I am an avid bargain hunter so I am confident that I can find them at a good cost. That has to knock off some of the markup cost for implants that a dentist has. In my google searches I haven’t been able to tell which dentists allow BYOI. Is there a particular way I should search to find one? How much more will I save with this method? What brands of implants does Dr. LaVacca recommend I purchase? Can you provide mid and high end implant brands please? Sorry for all of the questions but I really need implants and I am trying to get them as economically as possible. Thanks. Christopher L.

Christopher – You won’t be able to find an implant dentist who allows patients to bring their own implants. There are far too many risks involved.

A reputable dental implant distributor provides implants to skilled professionals. Patients lack the training and experience required to determine if they are receiving quality dental implants—or the brand of implants you intended to buy. If you bought dental implants, a dentist placed them, and later it was found that the implants are faulty, the dentist would be partially responsible. The implants would need to be removed and replaced with quality implants from the dentist.

Your goal is to receive dental implants and stay within your budget. There are ways, other than purchasing questionable implant s, to reach that goal. The work can be done in phases—depending on how many implants you need—you can receive one or two at a time, pay for them, and plan to receive more implants in the future. Also, payment plans and financing will be available through the dentist.

Schedule consultations with two or three skilled implant dentists to discuss your options for implants, and to find out how they can be made affordable for you.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist and implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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