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Can a 15 yr old teenager get an implant supported bridge?

By December 27, 2014December 3rd, 2018Dental Implants

My husband has 2 dental implants. He is very happy with them and says that he can’t tell the difference in them from the teeth that they replaced. Our nephew recently got into an accident while playing ice hockey. He lost 2 of his teeth upper left teeth. His mom and I are looking at his options. He is 15 years old. Can teenagers get an implant supported bridge, or is there an age requirement for dental implants? thanks Cherise

Cherise – Dental implants are not recommended for teenagers who are still developing and growing. If jawbone growth is not complete, dental implants can interfere with the growth and position of teeth.

While the jawbone grows and teeth shift with it, dental implants won’t budge. Teeth can become misaligned, or push against an implant and cause discomfort and pain.

An experienced prosthodontist will let you know what your nephew can expect from his current options—a partial denture, or a dental bridge that is not supported by implants. When your nephew’s growth is complete, dental implants will be the most functional and long-lasting restoration for his missing teeth. Physical growth and development are usually completed around age 18 or 19, but vary with the individual. Schedule a consultation with a prosthodontist in your area.


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