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Can he play sports after dental implant surgery?

By May 17, 2013November 30th, 2018Dental Implant Mistakes, Dental Implants

Hi. My boyfriend is in a baseball league. He wants dental implants, but he doesn’t want to get them at a time when he would have to miss a game. How soon after dental implants can he be active in sports again? Thanks – Dawn

Dawn – For at least several days after the implant procedure, your boyfriend should not participate in any demanding activity, including sports. Physical exertion can cause bleeding around the implant site. The implant surgeon will provide specifics as to when your boyfriend can resume his normal activity. In addition to demanding activity, irritants including alcohol, black tea, and nicotine should be avoided, because they can have a negative effect on the healing process.

In order to prevent dental implant failure, nothing should be allowed to interfere with the healing process. In approximately a week after the healing process, your boyfriend will return to the implant surgeon for a progress check.

The implant dentist will give your boyfriend specifics of the kinds of food, drink, and activities that should be avoided or limited immediately after the surgery and during the healing process.

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