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Can I repair my own denture without going to the prosthodontist?

By February 24, 2014November 30th, 2018Prosthodontist

I made the mistake about trying to finish some outdoor gutter cleaning just before it got really dark. I slipped off the 5th or 6th step on the ladder and was fortunate not to be really hurt but the jolt knocked out my bottom denture. A section of 3 teeth cracked. The section of teeth didn’t completely fall off so I am thinking that instead of going to the prosthodontist and having him charge me a bunch of money for a 5 minute fix, this is something that I can fix myself with some of my wife’s craft project glue. That stuff is stronger than krazy glue. Besides that I’m embarrassed and if I can fix the dentures myself, I don’t have to repeat the story of how it happened. James

James – It is best to leave the denture repair to the prosthodontist. The prosthodontist has the right tools and adhesive materials to make a long-lasting repair that is safe to put in your mouth.

Craft project glue is not made for use in your mouth. It can be toxic, and it may not be strong enough to withstand the wet environment in your mouth or the force of chewing. You may end up doing additional damage to the denture if you try to repair it yourself.

The prosthodontist will also need to check the fit of your denture to ensure that is properly lined and fitted so that it won’t dislodge unexpectedly.

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