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Can you get cavities with veneers?

By March 13, 2012November 30th, 2018Porcelain Veneers

I was considering getting porcelain veneers and wondered if I would still be able to get cavities if I got them?

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Cassie H. – Washington D.C.


Yes, you can still get cavities if you have dental veneers. Though you won’t get them under the veneers, it is possible to get one on the  edge or at another  part of the tooth. The cavities can be filled with white composite filling materials, just like any other cavities. Composite fillings require special bonding techniques, so you’ll want to be sure your dentist knows how to do those.  As a cosmetic dentist, I discourage people who don’t take care of their teeth from getting veneers. If you’re going to invest that kind of money, you want to have good oral hygiene habits in order to insure your investment will last.

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