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My dental implants hurt when I eat

By July 20, 2017October 20th, 2023Dental Implants

I was thin enough when I got dental implant dentures. Now I look like Death Sucking on a Lifesaver. It’s horrible and I need help because my diet is very limited. My implants hurt when I eat and I’m losing weight fast. I think I have an incompetent implant dentist who keeps telling me to give it more time. I’ve also lost my appetite because of the stress of wondering about how many more thousands of dollars it’s going to cost me to get the implants replaced. Any pressure on the teeth just sends pains riveting through my mouth. I think chewing on the right side is worse than the left. Although I’m usually a right-side chewer I’ve tried to make the adjustment. Everything about eating is uncomfortable. As I’m mentioning it, I should say that I don’t have pain unless I am eating. I got the implants in March and this is an ongoing problem. My dentist is clueless. If you can give me any idea of what is going wrong so I can tell her what she might look for, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Joan


Pain after dental implants can be caused by several different factors. Pain and swelling during the initial healing phases is normal, but after four months of implant placement, you certainly should be able to eat without pain. And you shouldn’t be losing weight.

Your dentist should definitely be working hard to find the cause of your pain. It’s possible that there is a problem with the construction of the denture or the way your denture teeth fit together. But without an examination from Dr. LaVacca, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact cause.

What to Do If Your Implant Dentures Hurt When You Eat

If your dentist isn’t addressing the issue, we have several suggestions:

  • Schedule an appointment with at least two, experienced implant dentists. Include a prosthodontist as one choice.
  • Avoid mentioning your dentist’s name, and don’t provide the full story.
  • Talk about your symptoms and when you feel them. Let each dentist know that you’ve experienced pain since you received your dental implants.

An experienced implant dentist or prosthodontist will examine your implants and implant dentures to determine the source of your pain. Additional diagnostics studies might be required, and your bite (the way your denture teeth fit together) will be checked.

It’s possible that rather than a dental implant mistake or failure, your denture teeth need minor adjustment, and you will be able to eat without pain. If the issue is more serious, the dentist who completed the work should accept responsibility and give you a refund or a partial refund to have the issues corrected. Your new implant dentist or prosthodontist will let you know what is needed to have your dental records transferred to his or her office.

This post is sponsored by American Board certified prosthodontist and Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


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