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Do her dental implants need to be redone?

My wife had 6 dental implants done in the Philippines. We stayed for 3 days for a follow up appt. to make sure everything looked good. When we got back to the states, after just 5 weeks 2 upper implants and two lower implants are very loose. 4 out of 6 doesn’t sound like good odds to us. She is afraid to eat anything other than soft foods because she is afraid that they may come completely loose and she chokes on them. The implant dentist said that she had enough jawbone density for the implants. We don’t understand why this is happening. I hate to see her suffer like this. Neither of us want to go back to the Philippines even though the doctor there is willing so see her and fix whatever is wrong. Of course he is the one that caused the problem so do we really want to return? What do you suggest? Do her dental implants need to be redone?Thank you very much. Ted R.

Ted – Your wife’s experience is very unfortunate. It does underscore the importance of finding a highly-skilled and trained implant dentist who uses high-quality implant fixtures.

When dental implants are loose, it is possible that cheap implant fixtures were used. A cheap implant fixture can cost $3 to $5, but a quality fixture that has been thoroughly tested costs $300 to $500.

There are hundreds of companies that make dental implants, but only six of them produce implants that meet the high standards of the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration. Cheap implant fixtures are more likely to results in implant mistakes or failure, resulting in implants that loosen and cause infection.

Another possibility is that the dental implants for your wife were improperly placed. Extensive diagnostic studies and careful planning are required to properly place implants.

We suggest that choose a skilled implant dentist or prosthodontist in the U.S. to examine your wife’s dental implants. He or she will recommend the appropriate treatment to correct the situation. Look for implant dentists who are associated with the American Board of Oral Implantology or the International Congress of Oral Implantology. If your second opinon doesn’t thoroughly address the issue may even be helpful to get a third opinion

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